At that time, I became a raspberry lover, so when I saw this kind of product, I had to buy it and try it! I took it in the freezer area of Uncle Quede, and thawed it in the refrigerator before coming back to eat! To be honest, it was a bit "watery" after thawing, which is not the same as the state of the cake I imagined! Maybe it's because of the water in the plums. Cut a small piece to taste, it tastes ok but won't let me repurchase! It looks good, and those who like plums can eat it! If you are afraid of "sour", you can actually skip it (for the family to taste the mouth and face deformation 😂) # 爱吃又想瘦 #
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当时变成了raspberry爱好者,所以看到这类的产品就要买回来尝尝! 在缺德舅冷冻区拿的,回来要吃之前先在冷藏箱解冻! 解冻出来说实话有点“水水”的,和我想象的那种蛋糕状态不太一样!可能是梅子里有水份的原因吧。 切一小块尝尝,味道OK但是不会让我回购!长相还是不错的,喜欢梅子的可以吃吃!如果怕“酸”的其实可以跳过了(给家属尝了口脸变形😂)# 爱吃又想瘦 #