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❣Home❣A must-have kitchen artifact standing rice spoon 🐇|FrancFranc ❥·I also shared with you before that I like to visit Francfranc, and I buy a lot of household groceries every time I go there. I bought a rice spoon a while ago. In fact, I wanted to buy it a few years ago, but I almost didn’t have to cook rice in China before, because my family runs a restaurant, and I spend most of my time in the restaurant, otherwise I just eat takeout. 😂 ❥·After coming to the United States, I often have to cook, so I bought the coveted standing rice spoon, which looks like a work of art, very healing! I am really happy to think that the rice spoon no longer needs to touch the table when cooking rice in the future! However, this rice spoon also has a big disadvantage, that is, it cannot be washed in the dishwasher, otherwise I will really give it 100 points! 🥳 ❥·I hope you all enjoy watching my post! If you like it, please like, subscribe and leave a message to me! See you in our next post! 👸🏻 # 生活要有仪式感 #
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Yami 특선 ❣居家❣必備廚房神器站立飯勺 🐇|FrancFranc ❥·之前也有跟大家分享我很喜歡逛Francfranc,每一次去的時候都會買大量的家居雜貨。前一陣子我就買了飯勺,其實好幾年前已經想買,但是以前在國內幾乎都不用煮飯,因為我的家是開餐館的,大部份時間都是在餐館裏,不然就是吃外賣。😂 ❥·來了美國之後經常都要煮飯,所以就買了夢寐以求的站立飯勺,像一個藝術品的飯勺,非常療癒!一想到以後煮飯,飯勺不再需要與桌面接觸,真的很開心!不過這一個飯勺也有一個很大的缺點,就是不可以放進洗碗機裏清洗,不然我真的會給它100分!🥳 ❥·希望大家喜歡看我的曬貨!如果喜歡的話歡迎點贊 ,訂閱和留言給我!我們下一篇曬貨見!👸🏻 # 生活要有仪式感 #