Yami 특선
[Hachioji Temple] Dabai Pear Soda I really thought it was pear juice when I got it, so I guessed the approximate taste! However, it is not the same as the real taste, because! ! This is soda! It's amazing! It was my first time to drink pear-flavored soda, and it was so refreshing with small ice cubes! It's sunny again in California these days, so refreshing with pear juice soda 🥤! After drinking, there will be "hiccups" 🙈 hehe! # 亚米晒单 #
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Yami 특선 【八王寺】大白梨汽水 拿到手真的以为是梨汁,猜测了下大概的味道!然而跟真实味道不太一样,因为!!这是汽水!太神奇了吧!我第一次喝梨味的汽水,配上小冰块太爽口了! 加州这几天又大晴天了,配上梨汁汽水🥤好爽快啊!喝完还会有“气嗝”🙈嘿嘿! # 亚米晒单 #