❣Home❣Kitchen Towels Made of Cotton 🌿 | Target ❥·Because my husband doesn’t like to go shopping in supermarkets, after learning to drive, I had to be responsible for buying daily necessities. Usually, I spend most of the time in the supermarkets in the household goods section, and my favorite is to go to Target with so many stores in the United States. Find something that looks good and works well. 🚘 ❥·To improve the efficiency of housework, the hand towel used in the kitchen needs to be replaced frequently. This time I bought a fresh and cute polar bear rag, two $6, 100% cotton, water absorption is good, although the white is very easy It looks dirty, but I don't like dark towels, so I bought this~🐿 (The picture is taken by iPhone 11 pro max~📱) ❥·I hope you all enjoy watching my post! If you like it, please like, subscribe and leave a message to me! See you in our next post! 👸🏻 # 生活要有仪式感 #
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❣居家❣純棉材質的廚房毛巾 🌿 | Target ❥·由於我老公不喜歡去超級市場購物,學會開車後的我只好負責購買日用品,平常我去超級市場大部份時間都是停留在家居用品區,而美國這麼多店舖我最喜歡就是去Target 尋找一些好看又好用的用品。🚘 ❥·要提升做家事的效率,廚房專用的擦手毛巾經常都要更換,這一次我買的是清新的可愛北極熊抹布,兩條$6,100%純棉,吸水性算是不錯,雖然白色很容易顯髒,但我又不喜歡深色的毛巾所以就買了這款~🐿 (圖片是iPhone 11 pro max拍攝的~📱) ❥·希望大家喜歡看我的曬貨!如果喜歡的話歡迎點贊 ,訂閱和留言給我!我們下一篇曬貨見!👸🏻 # 生活要有仪式感 #