Yami 특선
❣Food ❣ Japanese brewed milk tea popular by Internet celebrities ☕️|Nitto ❥·I usually really like drinking milk tea. Recently, I have seen that everyone is buying Nitto black tea, so I bought it too. I didn’t buy a bag because I was afraid that it would not taste good. I chose the individual packaging of ten teas. 🛒 ❥·When I brewed for the first time, I added a lot of water and I felt it was very light, and I felt like I was being cheated. The second time I brewed, I reduced the amount of water, and it immediately became much more delicious! The taste of this milk tea powder is not deadly sweet, but the tea taste is not particularly enough. I am used to Hong Kong-style milk tea. Personally, I think the taste is okay but I don't really like it very much~🤣 (The picture is taken by iPhone 11 pro max~📱) ❥·I hope you all enjoy watching my post! If you like it, please like, subscribe and leave a message to me! See you in our next post! 👸🏻 # 来亚米才知道的美食 ## 一秒变好吃 #
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Yami 특선 ❣美食❣ 網紅大推的日本沖泡式奶茶 ☕️|日東 ❥·我平時真的很喜歡喝奶茶,最近一直都看到大家都有買日東紅茶,所以我也跟著買了~因為害怕不好喝所以沒有買一袋,我選擇的是十條的獨立包裝。🛒 ❥·第一次沖泡的時候我加了比較多水覺得非常之淡,覺得有種被欺騙的感覺,第二次的時候水的份量我就減少,馬上變得好喝多了!這一款奶茶粉味道不是死甜,不過茶味不是特別夠,習慣港式奶茶的我,個人覺得味道還可以但是不是特別很喜歡~🤣 (圖片是iPhone 11 pro max拍攝的~📱) ❥·希望大家喜歡看我的曬貨!如果喜歡的話歡迎點贊 ,訂閱和留言給我!我們下一篇曬貨見!👸🏻 # 来亚米才知道的美食 ## 一秒变好吃 #