❣Handbook❣January bullet note sharing 🗓 ❥·I will share with you my first Bullet Journal today. In the new year, I refer to many bullet journal materials, and I finally started my first bullet journal a few days ago! 🧸 ❥·The A5 notebook I chose (Dotted Journal by Scibbles That Matter) was purchased on Amazon, because I prefer cute and colorful things, so I chose this notebook full of girly hearts! 💓 ❥·First of all, on the cover page, I wrote my annual quote "The Way I AM" this year. This sentence is my theme from the MMA Itzy stage, because this year's goal needs to remind myself that I am who I am, and I need to accept myself. Another annual quote is "Variety Is The Spice Of Life", which is to encourage myself to try new things and expand more interests. 💃🏼 ❥·Annual goals I have drawn six borders and plan to write down annual goals of different scopes. I have only written three for the time being, and other goals are still being planned. In terms of wish list, it is divided into wants and needs, hoping to spend more rationally. 💸 ❥·Because I often watch movies, I also plan to record what movies I have watched this year. I draw the table in negative and ticket style. Of course, I also made a TV program record sheet. I drew thirteen small TVs to record the program names and episodes, but after I finished drawing, I found that there was not enough space, and I should add one or two more pages in the future. 📺 ❥·The theme I set for January is the New Year, because the end of the year is the Lunar New Year, so I added some elements of the Year of the Rat. On the mood record sheet, I drew 31 red envelopes, and I would paint them before going to bed to express my mood today. And the habit record sheet I mainly use to write down cleaning records, increase my sense of accomplishment, and make myself fall in love with cleaning! During the week, I used one page to write a week's content, and drew some patterns such as huaichun, gold ingots, etc., hoping that this year's fortune will be better. ⏳ ❥·After writing for five days, I found that I was very relaxed when I recorded my life, and I could save my day-to-day action. I hope I can use this notebook to plan my life more systematically in the future! 🎏 ❥ 2020 Flag plan: · Write bullet notes every month · Record your own sleep records every day · Record your own mood record every day Don't you know you like this design? ! 🐭 (The picture is taken by iPhone 11 pro max~📱) ❥·I hope you all enjoy watching my post! If you like it, please like, subscribe and leave a message to me! See you in our next post! 👸🏻 # 2020新年flag #
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❣手帳❣一月子彈筆記小分享 🗓 ❥·今天與大家分享我第一本的Bullet Journal,新一年我參考許多子彈筆記的資料,數天前總算開始我的第一本子彈筆記!🧸 ❥·我所選的A5筆記本 (Dotted Journal by Scibbles That Matter)是在亞馬遜上購買,因為我比較喜歡可愛繽紛的東西,所以我就選擇了這一本充滿少女心的筆記本!💓 ❥·首先封面頁我寫了我今年的年度語錄「The Way I AM」,這一句是我從MMA Itzy舞台的主題,因為今年的目標需要提醒自己我就是我,需要接受自己。而另外一句年度語錄是「Variety Is The Spice Of Life」,是希望鼓勵自己嘗試新的事物,擴展更多的興趣。💃🏼 ❥·年度目標我畫了六個邊框,打算寫下不同範圍的年度目標,暫時只寫了三個,其他的目標還在計劃中。願望清單方面,分為了想要和需要,希望自己花錢花得更理智一些。💸 ❥·因為我經常都會看電影,所以也打算記錄下來這一年看過甚麼電影。我把表格畫成底片和票樣式。當然也有做一個電視節目紀錄表,我畫了十三台小電視,用來記錄節目名稱和集數,不過畫完之後發現好像位置不足夠,未來應該會再多加一至兩頁。📺 ❥·一月我設定的主題是新年,因為年底就是農曆新年,所以加了一些鼠年的元素。心情記錄表方面我畫了三十一個紅包,睡覺之前我都會塗上顏色,表示今天的心情狀態。而習慣紀錄表我主要用來寫下清潔記錄,增加我的成就感,讓自己愛上清潔!週間我用了一頁寫一個星期的內容,畫了一些揮春,金元寶等等圖案,希望今年的運勢會更好。⏳ ❥·暫時寫了五天,我發現紀錄自己生活的時候很放鬆,可以省視自己一天的行動力,希望之後能夠用這本手帳更有系統的規劃生活!🎏 ❥· 2020 Flag計劃: ·每個月都要寫子彈筆記 ·每天記錄自己的睡眠記錄 ·每天記錄自己的心情記錄 不知道大家喜歡這樣的設計嗎?!🐭 (圖片是iPhone 11 pro max拍攝的~📱) ❥·希望大家喜歡看我的曬貨!如果喜歡的話歡迎點贊 ,訂閱和留言給我!我們下一篇曬貨見!👸🏻 # 2020新年flag #