Yami 특선
# #开箱大吉# # At the end of 2019, I won the lip glaze of Yami's father in Xiaoer's public account, and I finally received it today~~ 💄 Perfect Diary|Little Gold Diamond Anti-Gravity Lip Glaze G02 Lori Awakening 💄 The peach bean paste color recommended by Li Jiaqi. The skin is indeed white, but the teeth are yellow 😅😅😅 Maybe it's my own problem 💄 The brush head is relatively large, I feel that the corners of the lips are not very good for meticulous painting, so I need to use a lip brush. Spongy hair is fluffy and soft. Press it on the lips, it's comfortable~ 💄 The texture is very light, matte and matte, but not drying. Small fine lines are no problem, but deeper lip lines will still be more obvious. Thick coating will be a little sticky, but fortunately it dries very quickly~ Easy to scratch, but not easy to fade. Basically eat a meal, there is still color on the mouth 😘😘 The name is a bit of a middle school. Is Luo Li Luo, Luo Li? 😂😂 Creampie and Loli are far away.... 💄 I don’t know if it can be called the light of domestic products. Overall, I think the quality of this lip glaze is very good~~ worth to buy! It's great that Yami can introduce excellent domestic beauty products, applaud~~
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Yami 특선 # #开箱大吉# # 2019年底在小二的公众号中奖了亚米爸爸的唇釉,今天终于收到啦~~ 💄 Perfect Diary|小金钻反重力唇釉 G02 洛丽觉醒 💄 李佳琦推荐过的蜜桃豆沙色. 确实显皮肤白,但是,显牙黄😅😅😅 可能是我自己的问题吧😂 💄 刷头比较大,感觉唇角的不太好细致涂描,需要借助一下唇刷. 海绵头蓬蓬的,很软. 按抹在唇上嘟嘟的,舒服~ 💄 质地很轻薄,哑光雾面,却不拔干. 小细纹没问题,不过比较深的唇纹还是会比较明显的. 厚涂会有点黏嘴,还好干得挺快的~ 容易蹭色,但不容易掉色. 基本上吃一顿饭,嘴上还是有颜色在的😘😘 名字有一丢丢中二,洛丽是萝、萝莉吗?😂😂 饼饼与萝莉距离甚远.... 💄 不知道能不能称为国货之光,整体来说我觉得这管唇釉质量挺好的~~ 值得买! 亚米能引进优秀的国货美妆实在太棒了,鼓掌鼓掌~~