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❣Notebook❣February bullet note sharing 💕 ❥· Today, I would like to share with you my January bullet notes review and February bullet notes small sharing. I watched seven movies this January, which is less than I thought, because I like to watch some movie recommendations recently. , after reading the recommendation, it seems that you have already read the whole movie, haha! 🍾 ❥·Then I worked really hard to keep track of my mood every day. All in all, my mood this month was average, especially when the epidemic became serious at the end of the month. I video chat with my family every day and urge my mother to wear a mask immediately after eating! Because there are two confirmed cases in the community where I live in China, I feel very depressed. Fortunately, I have the forced landing of the Korean drama Ai to accompany me recently, which makes my mood a lot better. 😷 ❥·In terms of sleep records, you can also see that my sleep is very problematic. I usually sleep very late. It seems that I need to reduce the number of times I drink coffee. I need to make a better plan for this! 🥱 ❥·According to my small record, it turns out that I only used the mask three times a month. I looked at the stock in my cabinet, and I believe that it will take more frequent use before it can be used up! 😪 ❥·The design theme for February bullet notes is Valentine's Day. I drew two puppies on the theme page, because I really like dogs recently and think they are very cute! ♥️ ❥·The page of the monthly plan, I feel a little ordinary after I draw it, and I may try to change the way of painting next month. Next month, I decided that I needed to design first before I started to draw it on my notes, otherwise I would regret it after I drew it. 😂 ❥·I spent too much time on the mood record last month, so this month's mood record, I drew the mailbox and the heart, just fill in the color of each heart when the mood is different, no need to look like I painted several colors in January. 😌 ❥·In terms of sleep recording, this time, I will not fill in the numbers, because filling in all the numbers is really tiring! This month's settings have been drawn for about five days, because I am not very familiar with using bullet notes, and I hope to complete the settings faster in the future! 💪🏻 (The picture is taken by iPhone 11 pro max~📱) ❥·I hope you all enjoy watching my post! If you like it, please like, subscribe and leave a message to me! See you in our next post! 👸🏻 # 2020新年flag #
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Yami 특선 ❣手帳❣ 二月子彈筆記小分享 💕 ❥·今天與大家分享一下我的一月子彈筆記回顧和二月子彈筆記小分享,這個一月我看了七部電影,比我想像中看得要少,因為最近都比較喜歡看一些電影推介,看完推介好像已經把整部電影已經看完一篇了,哈哈!🍾 ❥·然後心情記錄真的很努力每天都有記下來,總括來說這一個月心情算是一般,特別是月底疫情變得嚴重,我每天都與家人視訊,督促媽媽吃飯後馬上要佩戴口罩!因為我國內住的小區就有兩個確診個案,令我的心情非常鬱悶,幸好最近還有韓劇愛的迫降陪着我,令我的心情好了不少。😷 ❥·睡眠記錄方面,大家也可以看到我的睡眠非常有問題,普遍睡覺時間都非常晚,看來要減少飲用咖啡的次數,這點我要再做一個更好的規劃才行!🥱 ❥·根據我的小記錄原來我一月只用了三次面膜,看了一下我櫃子裏的囤貨,相信要再頻密一些使用才能用光!😪 ❥·二月子彈筆記設計主題我設定的是情人節,主題頁面我畫了兩只小狗狗,因為最近真的很喜歡狗狗,覺得它們都很可愛!♥️ ❥·月計劃的頁面,我畫完之後覺得有點普通,下一個月可能會嘗試更改一下畫的方式。下一個月決定需要先設計才開始畫上去筆記上,不然就會畫了之後後悔了。😂 ❥·上個月在心情記錄上用了太多時間了,所以這個月的心情記錄,我畫了郵箱和心心,只需要把每一個心情不同的時候在心心填上顏色就可以了,不用像一月的時候畫好幾款顏色。😌 ❥·睡眠記錄方面,這一次就不把數字填上,因為把所有數字填上真的非常疲倦!這個月的設定畫了大概五天,因為還不是很熟悉使用子彈筆記,未來希望可以更快完成設定!💪🏻 (圖片是iPhone 11 pro max拍攝的~📱) ❥·希望大家喜歡看我的曬貨!如果喜歡的話歡迎點贊 ,訂閱和留言給我!我們下一篇曬貨見!👸🏻 # 2020新年flag #