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Health 🐷 Pig girl afternoon tea ☕️ Glutinous rice cake with wolfberry and osmanthus wine 🎂 Recently, I like eating wine so much 😍 I only like Granny Rice! I have bought other brands and still think that Granny Rice is the most fragrant and delicious! I usually get tired of cooking wine and st0 balls, how about making them into cakes? Wine lovers must try this method and it is very simple! Use glutinous rice flour instead of low-gluten flour to taste similar to "steamed rice cake"~ The soft Q bomb 🤤 has the fragrance of sweet-scented osmanthus and the sweetness and deliciousness of wine! Microwave for 15-20 seconds when you can't eat it in the refrigerator! The ingredients needed for the cake are all photographed in Figure 5⃣️ and the method is as follows👇🏻 🌼 Practice: Step1. Prepare all the ingredients. It's okay to have a little soup in the part of the wine and rice. 3⃣️Eggs 🥚➕40g white sugar with a hand-held egg beater at high speed until thick, the dripping egg batter will slowly disappear~ Step2. Add 100g glutinous rice flour and stir with a spatula until there is no dry powder. Mix the vegetable oil, fermented wine, dried osmanthus and wolfberry into the egg batter and mix well. Step3. Pour the egg batter into a 6-inch center cake mold, preheat the oven at 160 degrees Celsius and bake for 35 minutes. After coloring, cover it with tin foil to avoid over-coloring. # 一秒变好吃 # # 元气亚米红 # # 高颜值美食 # # 疫情宅家 #
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Yami 특선 养生🐷猪猪女孩下午茶☕️枸杞桂花酒酿糯米蛋糕🎂 最近太喜欢吃酒酿了😍酒酿我只喜欢米婆婆! 其他牌子买过还是觉得米婆婆最香醇最好吃! 平时煮酒酿小丸子吃腻了把它做成蛋糕如何? 酒酿爱好者一定要试试这个做法也很简单哦! 用糯米粉来代替低筋面粉口感类似“蒸米糕”~ 松软Q弹🤤有桂花的清香和酒酿的香甜可口! 吃不完冷藏吃的时候微波炉打热15-20秒! 蛋糕所需食材我都拍在图5⃣️里做法如下👇🏻 🌼 做法: Step1. 把所有的食材准备好,酒酿取米的部分有点汤汁没关系。3⃣️颗鸡蛋🥚➕40g白砂糖用手持打蛋器高速打发至浓稠状态,滴落下的蛋糊会慢慢消失~ Step2. 加入100g糯米粉用刮刀翻拌至无干粉的状态,把植物油、酒酿、干桂花和枸杞混合在一起倒入蛋糊中混合均匀。 Step3. 蛋糊倒入6寸中心蛋糕模具,烤箱预热160摄氏度烘烤35分钟,上色后用锡纸盖住避免过度上色。 # 一秒变好吃 # # 元气亚米红 # # 高颜值美食 # # 疫情宅家 #