Yami 특선
🍉 In summer, it must be done at the same time as hot pot ice powder! No matter how hot the weather is, I can't resist the restless heart of wanting to eat hot pot 🤣 How can there be no hot pot without ice powder and a pair of excellent CPs! Today, I will share with you the invincible simple and rude practice of ice powder! The ice powder is the "ice powder" purchased on Yamibuy. The operation is very simple! A bag of ice powder can do a lot. It is recommended to make more and put it in the refrigerator~ It is very convenient to eat and take as you like. It is really a must-have anti-heat artifact in hot summer! Step 1: Make ice cream 10g ice powder ➕ 500g boiling water and stir well Pour into a container to cool, then refrigerate for later use (The amount I have here is enough to make three bowls of ice powder, just add more if you need more) Step 2: Dried red dates The red dates I use are also seedless red dates bought from Yamibuy.com Bake in a preheated oven at 160 degrees Celsius for 20-30 minutes The length of time depends on your oven temperature. When the red dates are dry, they will become crunchy when they are cooled. (It is recommended that you use the seedless red dates to cut the ring for a better taste I have tried red dates with pits, and the taste will be worse) Step 3: Soybean Flour Ciba 125g water 10g corn oil 15g sugar 30g corn starch 65g glutinous rice flour Mix all the above ingredients and wrap them in cling film Poke a few holes with a toothpick, microwave for 1 minute, take out and stir once Until the batter is cooked, put on gloves and apply some oil to prepare the chiba Take a small ball of glutinous rice cake, roll it into a ball, put it in the soybean flour and wrap it evenly If I have soybeans at home, I can make them myself, hahaha Rinse and dry the soybeans, pour the water into a water-free and oil-free pot Slowly fry over low heat until the soybeans burst and emit a bean fragrance. Throw the fried soybeans into the food processor and smash them through a sieve. Of course, it takes time to buy ready-made soybean flour. Step 4: Brown Sugar Water 60g brown sugar ➕ 150g water mix Bring to a boil over medium heat until thickened Step 5: Assembly Put the ice powder in the bowl first, add the ingredients raisins and crushed peanuts Dried sweet-scented osmanthus, wine, dried red dates, glutinous rice cake with soybean flour, watermelon Finally, pour some brown sugar water to complete a bowl of ice powder~ 🤤 Bingfen is really delicious before traveling in Chongqing, a bowl every day! It's really not difficult to make by yourself. It tastes very good and can't be said to be authentic. At least have a mouth addiction at home haha everyone has time to do it! # 即食美味 # # 一秒变好吃 # # 来亚米才知道的美食 # # 疫情宅家 #
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Yami 특선 🍉 夏天必须和火锅冰粉同时进行呀! 天气再热都抵抗不住想吃火锅的躁动之心🤣 有火锅怎么能少得了冰粉着一对绝佳CP! 今天和大家分享一下冰粉做法无敌简单粗暴! 冰粉用的是亚米上买的“冰粉粉”操作巨简单! 一袋冰粉可以做超多的建议多做点冰箱放着~ 随吃随取很方便炎炎夏日真的必备解暑神器! 第一步:做冰粉 10g冰粉粉➕500g沸水搅拌均匀 倒入容器冷却后冰箱冷藏备用即可 (我这里的量够做三碗冰粉需要多就加量) 第二步:红枣干 红枣我用的也是亚米网买的无核红枣 切圈烤箱预热160摄氏度烤20-30分钟 具体按照自家的烤箱温度决定时间长短 红枣干燥了即可放凉就会变的脆脆的 (建议大家用无核红枣切圈的口感更好一些 我试过带核的红枣剪条状口感会差一些) 第三步:黄豆粉糍粑 125g清水 10g玉米油 15g白糖 30g玉米淀粉 65g糯米粉 以上食材全部混合均匀包裹上保鲜膜 牙签扎几个洞微波炉叮1分钟拿出来翻拌一次 直至面糊熟透带上手套抹点油准备搓糍粑 揪一小团糍粑搓圆丢进黄豆粉里裹均匀就好 如果家里有黄豆可以自己做我就是哈哈哈 把黄豆洗净擦干水份倒进无水无油的锅里 小火慢炒至黄豆爆裂并且散发出豆香出锅冷却 把炒好的黄豆丢进料理机打碎过筛就完成啦 当然买现成的黄豆粉更接受时间就是了😂 第四步:红糖水 60g红糖➕150g清水混合 上锅中小火熬制浓稠就可以了 第五步:组装 碗里先放上冰粉加上配料葡萄干、花生碎 干桂花、酒酿、红枣干、黄豆粉糍粑、西瓜 最后淋上一些红糖水就完成一碗冰粉啦~ 🤤 冰粉真的太好吃之前在重庆旅游每天一碗! 自己做真的不难味道也很好不能说做的正宗 至少在家过个嘴瘾哈哈大家有时间做起来! # 即食美味 # # 一秒变好吃 # # 来亚米才知道的美食 # # 疫情宅家 #