Yami 특선
The whole line is doing activities. As soon as I found it, I immediately stocked up. The delivery was very fast, and I received it in two days. I am happy 🥳 My favorite private parts care brand! 🙀 The event is really powerful! I have been using this brand for two years, this time the discount is great, buy 1 get 1 free for whitening cream 🥳Nursing tablets and gels are all 30~35% off ‼ ️ My mother repeatedly emphasized to buy her the double moisturizing version (big white box). I used three boxes for her last year. I had a routine checkup this year, and all the indicators were normal. Before that, her gynecology was not very good. This, she obviously feels a lot more comfortable, and she really likes this. She said that she would continue to maintain it, so she bought a box for her at a discount! Very recommended~ Whitening cream is my love ❤️ Haha! Really turned pink 🤫 I will also use a care sheet, tightening and moisturizing to deodorize a must 🤫 shy I also bought the gel at a discount and want to try it! I feel that a catheter should be more convenient to use. The catheter is very thin and it feels very intimate! It's useful to comment again... 👩 every girl should want to maintain their privacy, the truth is not to say it, used to know okay ~ # brother grass is a law # # 私藏好货大曝光 ## 亚米开箱 # # 我要上精选 # # 无限回购 #
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Yami 특선 全线都在做活动,一发现立马囤货了~发货好快,两天就收到了,敲开心🥳最喜欢的私处护理品牌! 🙀活动真的挺大力度的!我已经用了两年这个品牌了,这次折扣很给力,美白霜买一送一🥳护理片护理凝胶都有30~35%off ‼️ 我妈再三强调给她买加倍保湿版(白色大盒子)上一年给她用过三盒,今年去做常规检查,全部指标都正常,在此之前她的妇科一直不是特别好,自从用了这个,她自己明显感觉舒服了很多,真的特别好这个,她说要持续保养,就趁折扣给她买了一盒!非常推荐~ 美白霜是我的爱❤️哈哈!真的有变粉哦🤫 我也会用护理片,紧缩和保湿去味一个不能少🤫羞羞 趁折扣也买来了凝胶,想试试!感觉有导管应该会更方便使用,导管很细感觉还挺贴心!好用再去评论哦…… 每个女生👩都应该要保养自己的私密处,道理就不多说啦,用了就知道好啦~# 被二哥种草了法 # # 私藏好货大曝光 ## 亚米开箱 # # 我要上精选 # # 无限回购 #