Yami 특선
The first order I bought from Yami P2 beef bone noodle soup is my forever love P3 feels that tuna bibimbap tastes better than octopus bibimbap. You can beat an egg on it when heating it in the microwave P4 Cheese Flavored Turkey Noodles is quite spicy for me 😂 Pour a lot of cheese powder and 1/3 of the spicy sauce is enough for me P5 fried udon is very convenient P6P7 Spicy Rice Cake Surprisingly, there are fish cakes inside! great! ! ! There are two rice cakes, two sauces, and two fish cakes in a big bag. The amount of fish cakes is actually a lot. The pictures may look less, but I only put half a bag for each meal, and add half a piece of instant noodle cake for the extra sauce. You can also make Korean spicy chicken wings P8 snail powder I'm not very fond of spicy food. I feel like I don't need to add chili oil bag and vinegar bag, otherwise it's too spicy. Later, I used water several times 😂😭 P9 Cheese Ramen is OK, the cheese powder tastes good In addition, the egg yolk pie is also very good. I personally feel that the Lotte egg yolk pie is more delicious than Orion. The pearls in Xiang Piao Piao milk tea are very real and delicious, but the milk tea is a bit too sweet Strawberry chocolate is very classic, but it disappears quickly after eating it hahahaha # 今天也是yami的一天 # # 我爱方便面 #
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Yami 특선 在亚米买的第一单 P2牛骨汤面是我永远的爱 P3感觉金枪鱼拌饭比章鱼拌饭更好吃一点 用微波炉加热的时候可以在上面打个蛋 P4芝士味火鸡面 对我来说还是挺辣的😂芝士粉倒很多很多 辣酱放1/3我就够够的了 P5炒乌冬 很方便 P6P7辣年糕 很意外里面还有鱼饼!很棒!!!一大包里面有两份年糕两包酱两包鱼饼 其实量不少的 可能图片看着会比较少 但是我每次一顿都只会放半包,再加半块方便面饼 多出来的酱还可以做韩式辣鸡翅 P8螺狮粉 我不是很能吃辣 感觉辣油包和醋包都不用加了 不然太辣了 后来我用水过了好几遍😂😭 P9芝士拉面 还OK 芝士粉味道挺好的 另外蛋黄派也很棒 个人感觉乐天蛋黄派比好丽友更好吃 香飘飘奶茶里的珍珠很真实很好吃 就是奶茶有点太甜了 草莓巧克力很经典 但是吃着吃着很快就没了哈哈哈哈哈 # 今天也是yami的一天 # # 我爱方便面 #