Yami 특선
The second and third orders I bought from Yami The bottles and jars I bought were well packaged and received in perfect condition This seafood soy sauce is really good. It's very fresh. It's really good for braised chicken wings, soy sauce, poached eggs or something. Adding soy sauce, oyster sauce and a little sugar tastes exactly the same as the dishes cooked by my grandfather when I was a child. I was so happy that I received a brush when I bought the roasted cold noodles. I really want to eat it, but unfortunately I am not very good at making it. The first time it was burnt and then when it was braised, I tore the roasted cold noodles and cooked them as noodles hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Not bad I also want to complain about the sweet noodle sauce😂 It's really a bit unexpected, I didn't expect the sweet noodle sauce to be a bit bitter, it's not sweet at all... P4 abalone porridge is ok P7 egg yolk crisp tastes very good, but a little expensive P8 minister biscuits are super delicious ah ah ah, ah, ah, the cheap place, the special and heavy objects are divided into two orders, so there is no crushing P9 is beef tongue cake. It tastes good when I first eat it. After eating a few more pieces, I feel a little numb. Milk tea was recommended to me by my classmates 😂 They say I have to drink a cup every day, but I haven't had it yet The brown sugar hand-pulled bread felt weird when I first ate it, it was a bit sour and sweet, and then I found that it would be delicious with milk. Now I have fallen in love with the light brown sugar flavor and the bread is not dry. The single package of Japanese long-lasting fresh bread I only had brown sugar flavor when I bought it. Although it is solid, it is not dry at all. It is worth the price. Unfortunately, it is often out of stock. Otherwise, I must buy more and try other flavors. # 来亚米才知道的美食 # # 零食万岁 #
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Yami 특선 在亚米买的第二单和第三单 买的瓶瓶罐罐包装的很严实 收到的时候完好无损 这个海鲜酱油真的很棒了 很鲜 用来红烧鸡翅酱油荷包蛋什么的真的一级棒 加酱油蚝油加点糖跟小时候外公烧的菜味道一模一样 买烤冷面竟然收到了刷子 很开心 我是真的很想吃,可惜我不太会做😂第一次烧焦了 后来就红烧的时候把烤冷面撕开来当挂面煮哈哈哈哈哈 味道也不错 我还要吐槽一下甜面酱😂真的有点意外 没想到甜面酱是有点苦的诶 一点也不算甜…… P4鲍鱼粥 还可以 P7蛋黄酥 味道很不错 就是有点小贵 P8提子饼干超好吃啊啊啊啊啊啊啊 又便宜 下单的时候特意和重物分了两单买 所以一点也没有压碎 P9是牛舌饼 刚吃的时候味道不错 多吃几块就感觉有一点点麻麻的感觉 奶茶是同学推荐我的😂说是每天都要喝一杯 我还没喝过 黑糖手撕面包刚吃的时候感觉怪怪的 有点酸酸的甜 后来发现配牛奶会很好吃 现在已经爱上了 淡淡的黑糖味 面包也不干 单个包装的日本持久保鲜面包呢 我买的时候只剩黑糖味的了 虽然是实心的 但是吃起来也是一点也不干 对得起这个价钱 可惜经常断货 不然我一定多买几个也尝尝别的味道 # 来亚米才知道的美食 # # 零食万岁 #