Yami 특선
Fourth order from Yami Repurchase spicy rice cake and egg yolk pie ❤️❤️❤️ My favorite matcha cookies in China are finally in stock! I stocked up five boxes all at once, and each cookie was individually packaged, so I could eat a whole box before I knew it😂 Strawberry Milk Classic! I prefer strawberry milk to banana milk In the end, the cut noodles were fine noodles that had been eaten until the grass was planted. Now I feel that this kind of wide noodles is more chewy. # 我是抹茶控 ## 宅家囤货 #
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Yami 특선 在亚米买的第四单 回购辣年糕和蛋黄派❤️❤️❤️ 以前在国内最喜欢的抹茶饼干终于有货了!一下子囤了五盒 每一块饼干都是独立包装 不知不觉就能吃一整盒😂 草莓牛奶经典!比起香蕉牛奶我更喜欢草莓牛奶 最后刀削面是在被种草了 之前一直吃细的挂面 现在觉得这种宽宽的面更有嚼劲 # 我是抹茶控 ## 宅家囤货 #