Yami 특선
# 五行缺辣 # # 螺蛳粉 # tried 螺蛳粉, Lo Lo King of King and Willow whole chili oil is really spicy and fragrant wow, then it is really smelly Suansun Haha, Lo King soup packages and full of willow Compared with the five-spice powder, the taste of the five-spice powder is slightly stronger. I personally think that the soup base of Luobawang is not as fragrant as Liuquan, but the chili oil is very spicy and fragrant. Luobawang is spicy and refreshing. In addition, I recommend Guangyou's Mianyang Rice Noodles. The taste is very fragrant~ I am really happy to take the online class at 11.30 noon while simmering noodles.
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Yami 특선 # 五行缺辣 # # 螺蛳粉 #尝试了螺霸王和柳全的螺蛳粉,螺霸王的辣椒油是真的又辣又香哇,然后它的酸笋是真的臭哈哈,螺霸王汤料包和柳全的比起来五香粉味略重,个人认为螺霸王的汤底没有柳全香,但是辣椒油很辣很香,柳全的配菜味道稍淡,酸笋没那么臭,但如果喜欢吃辣那柳全没螺霸王辣的爽。另外推荐一下光友的绵阳米粉,味道很香~边嗦粉边上中午11.30的网课真的很快乐了