Yami 특선
First wave of unboxing I bought too much fast food, this one is a little more than others hahaha For example, red bean paste, I want to use it to make bean paste buns Spicy chicken noodle sauce, I want to use it to mix noodles hahahaha The rest of the fast food is basically finished (except for the expired potato flour 😵) More recommended is self-heating hot pot and grilled fish Xiaolongkan's self-heating hot pot is really delicious, unlimited repurchase Although the grilled fish is an early adopter, it really did not disappoint me! Wait for a separate post to praise him hahaha # 2020亚米惊喜瞬间 #
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Yami 특선 开箱图第一波 买了太多速食,这一单稍微多了点其他的哈哈哈 比如红豆沙,想用来做豆沙包 辣鸡面酱,想用来拌粉哈哈哈哈 其余的速食基本都吃完了(除了土豆粉过期了😵) 比较推荐的是自热火锅和烤鱼 小龙坎的自热火锅真的超级好吃,无限回购 烤鱼虽然是尝鲜,但真的没让我失望!等下单独发一条赞美他哈哈哈# 2020亚米惊喜瞬间 #