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# 2020亚米惊喜瞬间 # The first order I placed with Yami was a face mask. At that time, Yami was doing an event and the discount was very strong. I also bought a lot of masks from different brands. This one is very popular on the Internet: Korea MEDIHEAL N.M.F moisturizing injection reservoir mask sticker The main function is moisturizing and moisturizing, suitable for all skin types, especially those who are extremely dehydrated. The mask cloth is pure long fiber extracted from natural cotton seed velvet. It has outstanding fit and penetration, soft silky touch, gentle on the skin, good absorption, and can improve the skin's moisturizing and absorption. The mask essence is made up of active water containing natural moisturizing factor "N.M.F" and Alpine pure water containing a lot of minerals. Wait for skin problems, form a protective film on the skin surface, lasting moisturizing, make the skin hydrated and not tight Share the experience of use: the mask cloth is moderately thin and thick, and the fit is very good. The essence is relatively light, and the amount is just enough to apply a mask. The moisturizing effect is good, and the overall use feels good
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Yami 특선 # 2020亚米惊喜瞬间 # 在亚米下的第一单就是面膜,当时亚米在做活动,优惠力度很大,我也入手了很多不同品牌的面膜 这一款是网上风很大的:韩国MEDIHEAL 美迪惠尔(可莱丝)N.M.F 补水保湿 针剂 水库面膜贴 主打功效是补水保湿,适合各种肤质,尤其是极度缺水的皮肤。 面膜膜布是天然棉花籽绒中提取的纯绵长纤维,具有突出的贴服感和渗透力,柔和的丝质触感,温和肌肤,吸收力很好,能提高肌肤的滋润感和吸收力 面膜精华是由含有天然保湿因子“N.M.F”的活性水和含有大量矿物的阿尔卑斯纯净水调配而成,不仅温和无刺激,而且能够深入肌肤底层补充水分,调理毛孔粗大、肤色暗沉等肌肤问题,在皮肤表面形成保护膜,持久保湿,让肌肤水润不紧绷 分享一下使用感受:面膜布薄厚适中,贴合度很好。精华液比较轻薄,份量刚好够敷一次面膜使用。补水效果不错,整体使用感觉良好