Yami 특선
# 2020亚米惊喜瞬间 # It's dinner time again. I want to eat meat tonight. I found that there is still flavored five-spice steamed meat powder in the cupboard. So here comes my inspiration. Let's have the five-spice steamed pork ribs that many people love. practice: 1. First cut the ribs into small pieces. Then add boiling water to cook. Filter with water. Drain. 2. Next, add some oyster sauce, salt, edible wine. Stir well. 3. Then add this flavored five-spice steamed pork powder. Continue to stir. 4. Then put it in the pot and steam for about 20 minutes. You can add some green peppers and vegetables 5 minutes before the pot is out of the pot. The color will look better. Then if the amount is small, you only need to add spiced steamed pork powder. Because tonight, a bag is suitable for about 400 grams of ingredients. It's a bit too much. There is only one package of the sauce package. So you need to add it yourself. Finally, let's talk about the taste. The sauces of Weijiaweijia have always been very good. This steamed meat powder is also very delicious. Everyone has the opportunity to try it.
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Yami 특선 # 2020亚米惊喜瞬间 # 又到了晚餐时间. 今晚想吃肉了. 发现橱柜里还有味加味的五香蒸肉粉. 那么我的灵感来了. 就来一份好多人爱的五香蒸排骨吧. 做法: 1.先把排骨切小块.然后加入沸水煮熟.在用清水过滤.沥干. 2.接着.自己加一些蚝油.盐巴.食用酒.搅拌均匀. 3.接着加入这款味加味的五香蒸肉粉.继续搅拌. 4.然后放入锅里大火蒸20分钟左右. 快出锅的5分钟前可以往里加点青椒蔬菜.色泽更好看.然后就是如果量做的少.其它只需要加五香蒸肉粉.因为今晚一包适合做400克左右的食材.我今晚做的有点多.酱料包又只有一包了.所以需要自己额外添加. 最后说说味道吧.味加味家的酱料一直很赞哦.这款蒸肉粉也是很美味.大家有机会试试哦.