Yami 특선
Recently, Yami has bought a lot, and I have 5 big boxes at home, full of food😅 This is one of my favorites, I love everything There is the hot and sour noodles recommended by Apple Baby, which is really invincible and delicious! ! ! (Why can't I find you, I can't at you) 😭 There is also tonkotsu noodle soup, for two people, the soup buns and noodles are separated, and you can cook two meals There is also the really fragrant Xinjiang fried rice noodles, which I have posted in the past. Cannibals' beef noodles are too oily, it is recommended to halve the ingredients! Nanchang Mixed Noodles are recommended to be fried and eaten, fragrant! 😋😋 In the past, I only bought spicy hot pot bases, and it is also super good to change the taste occasionally~ Dezhuang’s porcini and tomato bases are delicious 😋 # 2020亚米惊喜瞬间 #
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Yami 특선 最近亚米买了超级多,家里堆了5个大箱子,满满当当的吃的😅 这是我最爱的一单,每一样都超级喜欢 有苹果宝宝推荐的挑挑小面家的酸辣粉,真的无敌好吃!!!(我怎么找不到你,at不了你了)😭 还有豚骨汤面,两人份的,汤包和面都是分开的,可以煮两顿 还有吃了真香的新疆炒米粉,往期发过做法哒 食族人的牛肉面太油啦,建议料包减半! 南昌拌粉推荐炒着吃,香爆!😋😋 以往只买辣的火锅底料,偶尔换换口味也是超级好的~德庄的牛肝菌和番茄的底料都很好吃😋 # 2020亚米惊喜瞬间 #