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# 2020亚米惊喜瞬间 # When it comes to Taiwan 🇹🇼 brand Want Want, how can you miss Want Want Snow Cake? Want Want Snow Cake is our childhood memory snack in 80-90. Ever since I was a child, I have always liked to eat Wangwang's snacks. Wangzi cowboys, Wangzi small steamed buns, Wangwang senbei, etc. are all must-have snacks at home. I used to watch cartoons without them. Mom and Dad are all Buy a whole bag for me haha! His family's snow cakes are also delicious. This time, I bought a package of salted snow cakes at a reduced price at YAMI Yami. A large pack of $1.99, a total of 10 small packs, each pack of 2 snow cakes. Slow-baked with selected sea salt and high-quality rice, the snow cakes are baked at the end so that each piece of rice cake is p0 to the most crunchy level. The sweet and salty taste is intertwined, and the rice is full of crispy bites, which makes people love it. People have grown up so much, and they are so in love with it is no doubt true love 🙋🏻‍♀️Recommended! 100 Recommendations! ! Must be delicious, must buy!
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Yami 특선 # 2020亚米惊喜瞬间 # 说到台湾🇹🇼品牌旺旺 ,怎么能少了旺旺雪饼呢? 旺旺雪饼算是我们80-90的童年回忆零食了吧。从小到大我都非常喜欢吃旺旺家的零食,什么旺仔牛仔、旺仔小馒头、旺旺仙贝等全部都是家里必备的零食,以前看卡通片绝对不能少了它们~爸爸妈妈都是一整包一整包的给我买哈哈! 他家的雪饼也很好吃,这次在YAMI 亚米 买了一包减价的盐味雪饼,$1.99一大包,共10小包,每包2块雪饼。 这款雪饼使用精选海盐和优质大米慢火烘焙,最后烘培的雪饼让每片米饼膨发到最松脆的程度。甜咸交织的美味,咬下去满满的的米香脆,让人爱不释口。 人都长这么大了,还对它这么钟情也是真爱无疑了🙋🏻‍♀️推荐推荐!100个推荐!!必须好吃,必须买!