Yami 특선
# 亚米宝藏新品大赏 # 🍜You can eat hot and dry noodles without going to Wuhan The noodles I miss I have fallen in love with the scallion oil noodles, this time I bought hot dry noodles and knife-cut noodles. The hot dry noodles only need to be boiled for 6 minutes, pick up, add the ingredients soy sauce, spicy buns, sesame sauce buns and mix well, finally sprinkle with dried beans and enjoy. ✅The noodles are very thoughtful and are real alkaline noodles. There is sodium carbonate in the ingredient list, which is light yellow. When cooking and eating noodles, you can feel that it is obviously different from dried noodles. It is very tough and chewy, and it also has the special aroma of alkaline noodles. ✅The ingredients are well matched, the sesame paste is easy to mix, and the sour beans taste great, which is very similar to the taste in China. The whole noodles don't feel like you're eating fast food, it's more like hot dry noodles bought at the stall. ✅The price of $4.29 is for two people, which is very cost-effective, and it is no problem for two people to eat. A very distinctive noodle, highly recommended, I also included this in the repurchase list 🧾 I don’t know if there are any friends who don’t like alkaline noodles, so be careful, you will feel fuller after eating
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Yami 특선 # 亚米宝藏新品大赏 # 🍜不去武汉也能吃到热干面 想念的面我自从吃过葱油面之后就爱上了,这次买了热干面,和刀削面。热干面只需要煮6分钟,捞起来,加入配料酱油,辣包,麻酱包拌匀,最后撒上干豆角即可享受。 ✅面条很有心意,是真正的碱面,配料表里有碳酸钠,呈淡黄色。煮面和吃面的时候能感觉到和挂面明显不同,很有韧性和嚼劲,也有碱面的特殊香味。 ✅配料搭配得很棒,芝麻酱很容易混匀,酸豆角味道很棒,跟国内吃到的口味很相似。面条整个吃下来不会感觉到在吃速食,更像是在小摊上买的热干面。 ✅$4.29的价格两人份,性价比很高,两个人吃饱没问题。非常有特色的一款面,非常推荐,我也将这个列入了回购清单🧾 不知道有没有朋友不喜欢碱面,那就要慎入了,吃完饱腹感比较强