Yami 특선
You are not allowed to eat this! Huamuzi Xuemeiniang rose flower cakes were bought as soon as they hit the shelves! Because I really really like to eat mochi and flower cakes! Together they can't be missed! At that time, I was afraid that it would not be enough to eat, so I bought two boxes. After arriving, I realized that one box is actually quite big. The price is really good. There are 8 in a box, and I only remembered to take pictures after eating one. I'm quite satisfied with the taste. Xue Meiniang is the kind of mochi QQ bouncy taste. When you break it open, it's like a brown candy. The flower filling is sweet but not greasy, it is a very pure rose taste. 🌹 Really really delicious! Love it so much # 亚米宝藏新品大赏 #
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Yami 특선 不允许你没吃过这个! 花木子雪媚娘玫瑰鲜花饼一上架之后立刻就买了!因为我真的真的很喜欢吃麻薯和鲜花饼!他俩合在一起了不能错过呀! 当时怕不够吃一下子就买了两盒,到了之后才发现一盒其实挺大的这个价格真的挺划算的💰一盒里面有8个,吃了一个才想起来拍照 口感的话还是挺满意的,雪媚娘就是那种麻薯QQ弹弹的口感,一掰开就像牛皮糖一样拽开了~鲜花馅儿甜甜的但是不腻,就是非常纯正的玫瑰花味道🌹 真的真的很好吃呀!太喜欢了# 亚米宝藏新品大赏 #