Yami 특선
# 开箱大吉 牛转钱坤 # La la la, raise your hand if you have eaten this pink snail powder in the age of sailing. As soon as I saw it, I was attracted by its beauty, she was really pink and tender and super girly. . . Snail powder. Yami's specially marked it as a new pink packaging, and the price is 4.89. Grand Nautical has always been slightly more expensive than other powders. There are too many material bags inside, and it is super fun, all idioms. See if you can guess what it is? It’s okay if you can’t guess, there are pictures anyway☺️ Xianshan "brine" water There is "corruption" to share "Powder" Jade Masonry Best "bamboo" friend "Ear" familiarity write like an angel" One "bu" three-fold "Vinegar" Italian "Cardamom" The taste is as good as ever, the soup is thick, with vegetables, tofu and char siu added in, it can be eaten completely. This one is not spicy at all, so I specially added Liupo spicy.
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Yami 특선 # 开箱大吉 牛转钱坤 # 啦啦啦,这款粉色的大航海时代螺蛳粉,吃过的举手🙋。 当时一看到就被它的颜值吸引了,真是粉粉嫩嫩超级少女的。。。螺蛳粉。 亚米专门标出是粉色新包装,售价是4.89。大航海一直比其他粉略贵。 里面的料包也太多了,而且超级好玩,全是成语。看看能不能猜出是什么?猜不出也没事,反正有图☺️ 显山“卤”水 有“腐”同享 “粉”装玉砌 最佳“笋”友 “耳”熟能享 妙笔“生花” 一“卜”三折 “醋”意大发 “豆”蔻年华 味道一如既往的好,汤头浓,加了菜、豆腐和叉烧进去,完全能当中饭。这款居然完全不辣,我就专门加了六婆辣子。