Yami 특선
Order continuously! I'm already a little bit confused by the two monks! I started to get dizzy after posting the orders🤩I was tempted by YAMI discounts for every order. What treasures did I have to buy? There are three main categories: cake bread, potato chips & candy 💛 Orion Egg Yolk Sandwich Pie When there was an event to buy 3 get 1 free, I missed it. By the time I decided to buy it, it was out of stock. It was on the shelves again a while ago, so hurry up and get three boxes. The outer packaging is still the same, the inner packaging bag has turned green and is very foreign. 🧡 Lok Kum Kee Shredded Bread In the previous order, I bought their Note Heart Shredded Breadsticks, which are very delicious! Decided to try the original flavor as well. In contrast, the cheese is slightly better 💛Gorgeous Baked Cake It looks very soft and cheesy, looking forward to trying it 💗Kimiko Flower Cake It has been planted all the time 🌿, I bought it quickly when I saw the special offer! Seeing the box is a feeling of heartbeat, and eating it into my mouth did not disappoint me. ❤️ Oishi Shanghaojia Tomato-flavored garden potato chips If you can't buy Lay's' tomato-flavored potato chips, try them in two packs! I remember falling in love with Haojia when I was in China. The potato chips I had for the first time were also very good. 🤍Milk flakes in snack language The cute little milk slices are so in line with the festive atmosphere of the Year of the Ox! Which baby hasn't been adored by them? I can't count how many packets I bought, but I just remember that it was so delicious, I couldn't stop eating one after another 💙 Taste sugar carbonated flavor After eating Yuha's fruit-flavored candy, I like it very much💕 Decided to try this Soda Flavor, very curious! 💜 The finale of this package is: Small white heart is too soft cake bread series An Internet celebrity product that has been planted for the longest time! I've always thought it was a little expensive, taking advantage of this little discount Buy everything you are interested in and worth buying: 🥪Sandwich cake (one green tea & one coffee) 🍓 Strawberry Yogurt Flavor Pocket Bread 🍑Yellow peach yogurt flavor pocket bread 🍍Pineapple Fruit Grain Pocket Bread 🧇 Pork floss and shredded eggs Shipping time is slow The unboxing process was a pleasure The time to enjoy is wonderful Perfect ending 🔚 Unboxing another batch of snacks… At this time, 1/3 of the snacks have been consumed # 开箱大吉 牛转钱坤 #
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Yami 특선 连续下单!已经有点丈二和尚摸不着头脑了!晒单晒得我开始头昏眼花🤩每一单都是我被 YAMI 亚米 折扣诱惑而下的,必须得晒晒都买了什么宝物? 主要是三大类:蛋糕面包、薯片类&糖果类 💛 Orion 好丽友 蛋黄夹心派 有活动买三送一的时候,错过了。 等到下决心要买的时候,断货了。 前阵子又上架了,赶紧来三大盒。 外包装还是一样,内部的包装袋变绿色挺洋气 🧡 乐锦记 手撕棒面包 前一单买到了它家的注心手撕面包棒特好吃!决定也试试它家原味的。相比之下还是有奶酪的略胜一筹 💛华美拔丝蛋糕 看着感觉挺松软,芝士口味的,期待下试吃 💗木美子鲜花饼 一直被种草🌿来着,看到特价活动就赶紧买了!看到盒子是心动的感觉,吃进嘴巴果然没让我失望。 ❤️ Oishi 上好佳 蕃茄味田园薯片 买不到乐事的蕃茄味薯片,那就入两包上好佳试试!记得在国内的时候就爱上好佳。 第一次吃的薯片也是上好佳。 🤍零食物语的牛奶片 萌萌的小牛奶片,太符合牛年过节的氛围了!哪个娃没有被它们萌到呢?已经数不清我买了多少包,只记得太美味了,一颗接一颗吃不停 💙味觉糖碳酸味 吃过悠哈的水果味糖果,很喜欢💕决定试试也试试这款Soda Flavor,挺好奇的! 💜本次包裹的压轴是: 小白心太软的蛋糕面包系列 被种草最长时间的一款网红产品! 一直觉着有点小贵,趁着此次有点小折扣 把有兴趣的,值得入的都买了一遍: 🥪三明治蛋糕(绿茶&咖啡味各来一份) 🍓草莓酸奶味口袋面包 🍑黄桃酸奶味口袋面包 🍍菠萝果粒味口袋面包 🧇肉松拔丝蛋仔烧 运输的时间是缓慢的 开箱的过程是愉快的 享受的时间是美妙的 完美结束🔚开箱又一批零食… 晒货的此时,已经有1/3的零食被消耗完 # 开箱大吉 牛转钱坤 #