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#来亚米才知道的美食##今天也是yami的一天##亚米真的6##相见恨晚的满分零食##开箱大吉 牛转钱坤#

1. Let me introduce Kvass first. My hometown is Harbin, and my family lives in Qiulin Downhill. I drank Kvass when I was a child, but I don't like it. I think it's too sweet, so I accompany me every time I go back to China. When my dad goes to dinner, someone will always order this. I don’t drink it every time. Now I can’t go back to China due to the epidemic. I really miss my hometown so much, so I bought it to comfort my homesickness. It really tastes like bread. It's sweet. I hope friends who want to try it can buy it and try it out, maybe it will open the door to a new world 😁

2. The wormwood green group finally waited for the replenishment. Although the calories were high, it was really delicious. I didn't dare to buy more. soothing

3. Lemon slices are ordinary lemon slices, which are very convenient to drink in water. The most surprising thing is the fresh fruit extract tea, which is really delicious. When you open it, it is a rectangular freeze-dried piece with a slice of lemon on it. When you add water, the aroma of passion fruit comes out, and then there are two pieces of kumquat and A slice of lemon will float on the water, don't want it if it's delicious, and will continue to repurchase next time

4. There are 6 packs of sixteen powder, but the sauce in the biggest bag is minced garlic sauce. I don’t like garlic so much, so it’s very common to me. If there is someone who likes garlic Little friends will find it delicious

5. Noodle zero, the supermarket near me doesn't sell tomato-flavored ones, so I bought them and tried them. It's not as delicious as I thought, and the 51 calories marked above are only half a bag of calories, although a pack of 100 The card is not too high, but marking a half bag always feels a bit misleading. I prefer seafood and chicken flavors and will not repurchase this flavor again

6, whitening water, the spray is very fine, the taste is average, not the kind I like fragrance, the effect will be known after the bottle is used up

7. I haven't eaten the defatted bean curd and milk tea, so I won't comment for the time being

8. This steamed cake roll is the one who stepped on the thunder. I bought the milk tea flavor. Only when I eat a little bit of stuffing can I taste a little milk tea flavor. If you bite it with the outer skin, you will not be able to eat milk tea. It's just an ordinary cake roll. I won't buy this kind of cake roll next time

It's another beautiful day for Yami! ~

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#来亚米才知道的美食##今天也是yami的一天##亚米真的6##相见恨晚的满分零食##开箱大吉 牛转钱坤#





5、Noodle zero,我附近的超市没有卖番茄味的,所以买来尝尝,没有我想象中那么的好吃,而且上面标注的51卡也只是半袋的热量,虽然一包100卡也不算高,但是标个半袋总是觉得有点误导的意思。我更喜欢吃海鲜和鸡肉味的,不会回购这个口味了