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# 亚米商城6周年 # This cold noodle sells very well on Yami.com. Every time it is in stock, many people buy it. I have never heard of North Korean cold noodles before. When I came to Yami and saw everyone buying it, I also tried it. I bought it at Yami's self-operated store before, but I found out that Yami's Sunway store also sells it. After carefully reading the Sunway brand on the package, I realized that this hot Korean cold noodle is a Sunway product, haha. 😄. I heard that Sunway can mail to Canada, so friends in North America can eat this cold noodles! Cold bread is vacuum-compressed packaging. The method of cooking noodles is very special and fast. First, separate the noodles by hand in cold water. Maybe because of the tight vacuum compression and the unique formula of cold noodles, the noodles stick together directly, so The first step of cold water surface splitting is very critical and cannot be skipped. When dividing the noodles, boil a pot of water at the same time, the water is boiled and the noodles are divided evenly. After the water is boiled, put the noodles in the pot and cook the noodles. Remember to cook the noodles for no more than two minutes, otherwise it will be easily melted. One cooking time is just a little longer, and the noodles are overcooked as a result. I didn't expect it to be faster than cooking instant noodles. Pick out the noodles and soak them in cold boiled water to cool them down, then pour out the water, then add various ingredients and cold dishes according to the instructions on the back of the package, and eat, the taste is really good, you can add spicy oil packets and pepper bread according to your own taste. Overall, it was delicious! The seasoning package is rich, there are also special toasted sesame buns, and a small packet of sesame oil buns, which are particularly fragrant! When you don't want to eat hot food in summer, try this cold food, Korean cold noodles, the company of summer. # 夏日清凉 #
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Yami 특선 # 亚米商城6周年 # 这款冷面在亚米网卖得特别好,每次一上货就有好多人在买,我以前都没听说过朝鲜冷面,来了亚米看见大家在买,也跟着尝尝鲜。 我之前是在亚米自营买的,后来发现亚米的Sunway店铺也有售,仔细看包装上写着Sunway的牌子 才反应过来这款大热卖的朝鲜冷面,原来就是Sunway的产品啊,哈哈😄。听说Sunway可以邮寄加拿大,所以北美的小伙伴们,都可以吃到这款冷面啦! 冷面包是真空压缩包装,煮面的方法很特别也很快捷,先要在冷水里用手把面条分开,可能因为真空压缩比较紧再加上冷面的独特配方,面条直接粘在一起,所以第一步冷水分面非常关键,不可以跳过。 分面的时候,同时烧上一锅水,水开了面也分得很均匀了,水开后下锅煮面,切记煮面时间不能超过两分钟,不然很容易就煮融了,我第一次煮的时候就是煮的时间长了一点点,结果就把面煮过头了。没想到比煮方便面还快。 挑出面用冷开水泡一泡冷却再倒掉水,然后按照包装背面的说明加入各种料包和自备凉菜,开吃,味道确实好,可以根据自己口味添加辣油包和辣椒面包。 总体来说,很好吃!调料包丰富,还有专门的烤芝麻包,和一小包芝麻油包,特别香! 夏天不想吃热食的时候,就试一试这款冷食,朝鲜冷面,夏天的陪伴。 # 夏日清凉 #