Yami 특선
# 夏日清凉 # On summer nights, eating crayfish and beer sold in the night market is simply a kind of enjoyment. There is no such a supper environment in the United States to enjoy. What should I do when I miss the taste of domestic crayfish? Good news: I found this Kou Daxiang brand crayfish noodles sold by Yamibuy. I didn't expect it. The taste is absolutely amazing. It's pure crayfish seasoning in the Sichuan night market. You can smell the crayfish buns as soon as you open it. It's so exciting to see this unique aroma, the crayfish is especially delicious. This noodle is of high quality not only from the packaging but also from the quality of the noodles, or from the lobster bun. The noodles are made with fresh egg noodles from Aomai Maixin, which tastes excellent when cooked, which is not comparable to ordinary instant noodles. The crayfish in the crayfish bag is full and the quantity is much more than I thought! I poured the crayfish buns and seasoning packets together and steamed them in a pot, and it felt more like the crayfish that just came out of the pot. The taste of this noodles is amazing. Looking at the bright red oil, it is actually not too spicy. I generally don't like spicy food. It is completely acceptable to eat this noodles with empty mouth. The spiciness is only 20-30%. The summer wind blows the smell of crayfish supper in the night market. # 亚米商城6周年 #
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Yami 특선 # 夏日清凉 # 夏天的夜晚,吃着夜市卖的小龙虾配啤酒,简直就是一种享受。 在美国可没有这样的夜宵环境可以享受,当我想念国内的小龙虾味道了怎么办? 好消息:我发现了亚米网卖的这个寇大香牌小龙虾拌面,没想到啊,味道之绝了,纯正四川夜市上的小龙虾调味,打开里面配的小龙虾包的一瞬间就能闻见这个独特的香味,太令人兴奋不已了,小龙虾特别入味。 这个拌面不仅从包装还是从面条质量,又或是从龙虾包来说,都是高质量的。面条是采用澳麦麦芯鲜鸡蛋挂面,煮出来口感极佳,那根本不是普通方便面能比的。小龙虾袋子里面包含的小龙虾个头饱满,数量也比我想象的多很多呢! 我把小龙虾包和调料包倒在一起上锅蒸热了,感觉就更像刚出锅的小龙虾味道了。 这个拌面味道真绝了,看着红亮亮的油,其实没有多辣,我一般不爱吃辣的,空口吃这个拌面都完全能够接受,辣度就只有两三成吧。 夏天的风,吹出了夜市上小龙虾夜宵的味道。 # 亚米商城6周年 #