Yami 특선
In the hot summer, night markets, late night snacks, night beers, and the streets and alleys, the nightlife of foodies is rich and varied. Grilled sausages and braised crayfish are very popular night market foods. It’s called a fragrance! Some time ago, during the 6th anniversary event of the Yami store in the United States, I bought this cheese crispy sausage from the Yami Valley kitchen. There are 3 large crispy sausages in a package. I baked them all at once, and they were sizzling. , it's cool to hear the sound. The skin is golden in color after being baked, the skin is very crispy when you bite into it, and the inside is soft and salty, so enjoyable! The feeling of being immersed in the domestic night market snacks for a second. # 亚米商城6周年 # # 夏日清凉 #
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Yami 특선 炎炎夏日,夜市,宵夜,夜啤酒,大街小巷里,吃货宝贝们的夜生活丰富多样,烤肠和油焖小龙虾一样,都是特别受欢迎的夜市食品,那叫一个香啊! 前段时间美国亚米商铺6周年活动的时候,我买了亚米谷库厨房的这款芝士脆脆肠,一包里面3大根脆皮肠,我一次把它们全部烤了,烤得滋滋作响,听声音就觉得爽。 烤出来已有表皮色泽金黄,一口咬下去皮特别脆,里面软绵咸香,太过瘾了!一秒身临其境国内夜市小食的感觉。 # 亚米商城6周年 # # 夏日清凉 #