The sour plum soup is so suitable for summer, sweet and sour, thirst-quenching. This Beijing Xinyuanzhai brand glass bottle of sweet-scented osmanthus sour plum soup, from the packaging design to the sour plum juice itself, is excellent. The design of this glass bottle is very distinctive, antique and full of ancient flavor, just like the label says, it started in 1740, ancient flavor! This bottle must be preserved. I really don’t want to throw it away. The decorations such as vases are very beautiful and have a Chinese antique feel. Summer is here, is the sour plum soup ready? I remember eating in a Chinese buffet restaurant, and there was sour plum soup in it to drink casually, because it was so delicious. Before eating the buffet, I drank a few large cups of sour plum soup, but I was so overwhelmed that I couldn’t eat the main food of the buffet, hahaha! With sour plum soup to accompany in summer, the mood will be much better! # 夏日清凉 # # 亚米商城6周年 #
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酸梅汤太适合夏天了,酸酸甜甜,生津止渴。这个北京信远斋牌玻璃瓶装的桂花酸梅汤,从包装设计,到酸梅汁本身,都是极佳的。这玻璃瓶子设计很有特色,古色古香,古风味十足,就像商标上写的,始于1740年,古老的味道啊! 这瓶子一定要保存下来,真的舍不得丢掉,做花瓶等装饰很好看很有中式古风感。 夏天来了,酸梅汤准备好了嘛? 我记得以前在一家华人自助餐馆吃饭,里面竟然有酸梅汤随便喝,因为太好喝了,吃自助餐之前,先喝了几大杯酸梅汤,结果喝撑了,自助餐主食吃不下了,哈哈哈啊! 夏天有酸梅汤陪伴,心情都会好多了! # 夏日清凉 # # 亚米商城6周年 #