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1. The original cold noodles are super delicious. The pine nuts in the buckwheat cold noodles are the finishing touch, delicious! ~! ~

2. Jasmine tea, I love to drink it in China, and I often prepare a little to satisfy my cravings

3. Jiang Zhongjian's light drink is a big surprise, 0 calorie. Friends who like hawthorn can't miss it. I'm waiting for the replenishment now. 😂

4. The natural taste of Lay's, I thought it was a new flavor with new packaging, but it turned out to be not as delicious as the blue bag, and the blue bag will be repurchased indefinitely

5. Mango popped mochi, children love it, I love matcha

6. In Daoxiang Village of Su Dao, I have repurchased Hawthorn Guokui countless times. This is the first time I bought Zaohua Crisp.

7. Grape taste candy is not as delicious as green bag. The candy in the round box in the middle is sweet on the outside and super sour on the inside, a bit like a kind of candy I ate when I was a child, and it's average

P.S: $0.1 to grab $68 worth of Japanese Genki Snacks Gift Pack, is there anyone who can make an order with me, now it's just me 😂

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P.S:$0.1抢价值$68日本元气零食大礼包 有没有人和我拼单呀,现在只有我自己😂