Yami 특선
The Noodles on YAMI Yami have been almost out of food for me, and the few remaining ones still have this, the Nanchang Mixed Noodles I have never tasted. I saw a tutorial on the Internet saying that this Nanchang mixed noodle has a southern flavor. Looking at the picture, I think it is like cold rice noodles, and I can't guess whether I will like it or not. I found a sunny place 🌞 I started to try it at noon 👅👅👅 First cook the noodles in hot water, then run cold water to wash off the batter, so that the roots of the noodles are clear and refreshing~ There are a lot of ingredients in it, such as pickled vegetables, chopped peppers, chili oil and sesame oil, and unknown ingredients. Put it all in a bowl and mix it up! 🍜🍜 This Nanchang mixed noodle tastes really refreshing, slightly spicy and salty, just a little sour. I don't want the thick taste of hot dry noodles, and the sourness is not too prominent. I knew I was usually jealous when I eat noodles~ This should be the only noodle I have eaten up without vinegar recently, because the taste of those pickles is already very prominent, but adding vinegar has no special features~❤️ Although I think it tastes good, I don't think it suits my northeastern appetite. As a household stock, I can still buy and change it occasionally~ Fan Fan Rating 🌟🌟🌟🌟 # 即食美味 #
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Yami 특선 YAMI 亚米 上的粉粉面面已经被我吃的快断粮了,剩下为数不多的里面还有这个,我从来没有尝过的南昌拌粉。看到网上的教程说,这个南昌拌粉颇有南方风味,看了图片,我觉得就像凉拌的米线,并不能猜到我自己会不会喜欢。 找了个阳光明媚的🌞中午我就开始试吃了👅👅👅先要把面条放在热水中煮熟,然后再过凉水,洗去面浆,让面条根根分明清清爽爽~ 里面的配料好多啊,这种腌菜剁椒,辣椒油麻油,还有不知名的小料。全都倒进碗里拌就完了!🍜🍜 这个南昌拌粉吃起来真是清爽,微辣咸鲜,就一点点酸,不想热干面那么厚重的口感,酸味也不拿多突出。早知道我吃面条一般都是吃醋大户~这个应该是我近期唯一没有加醋就吃光了的面条,就是因为那些腌菜的味道已经很突出了,加醋反而没了特色~❤️ 虽然觉得吃起来不错但是觉得不太适合我东北胃口作为家常存货,偶尔还是可以买买换个口味的~ 范范评分🌟🌟🌟🌟 # 即食美味 #