In addition to Sichuan-style spicy instant food, Yumei's traditional Chinese snacks are also very good. The sweet-scented osmanthus sour jujube cake is wrapped in a thin layer of rice paper, and four layers of sour jujube cake with the thickness of hawthorn slices are stacked together. The taste is like soft candy, soft and moist. The sweetness is high, but it complements the sour taste of the sour jujube cake, and it is decorated with a touch of sweet-scented osmanthus, which makes it salutary and appetizing. Friends who like traditional Chinese desserts, please try it boldly. # 双十一必囤 # # 为所爱 放肆嗨 #
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与美除了川味麻辣速食做的特别好吃,传统中式小点心做的也是非常不错。 桂花酸枣糕裹着一层薄薄的米纸,四层山楂片厚度的酸枣糕叠在一起,口感像软糖一样,软糯而湿润。甜度较高,但和酸枣糕的酸味搭配相得益彰,再点缀以淡淡的桂花香,生津又开胃,让不爱吃甜的我也一尝就爱上了。 喜欢传统中式小甜点的小伙伴们请大胆尝试。 # 双十一必囤 # # 为所爱 放肆嗨 #