Yami 특선
# 双十一必囤 # # 一秒变好吃 # # 来亚米才知道的美食 # # Happy order Happy life! # # 为所爱 放肆嗨 # Recently, I have used YAMI so much that I know how convenient it is! In the past, many Japanese things had to go to the Japanese supermarket or to buy locally. Now find out that you can buy it at YAMI, and it's a good deal! This time, there is a shortage of coffee at home, so go to Japan Supermarket to see how high the price is! Yami's S&B Gold Medal Spicy Curry Cubes are so cheap! S&B has many flavors of curry cubes and conditioning packs. It is the authentic Japanese curry. I prefer to adjust the flavors myself, so I chose the gold medal curry cubes for medium spicy. There are 2 small boxes in a box, and a small box is ok. It is divided into 4 pieces, you can use as much as you want, it is really convenient! Of course, the most common condiment for curry is carrots and potatoes. I also served chicken, onions, peppers, and tomatoes. After dicing the above vegetables, fry them in a hot pan, add chicken pieces, add water and bring to a boil. You can turn off the heat in about 15 minutes, throw the curry pieces into the pot to dissolve, and the sauce boils to a thick consistency. It's convenient and delicious, and S&B's medium spicy is a slightly spicy that gradually superimposes the degree of spiciness. It can enhance the taste better without being spicy, and the taste is smooth and not greasy. Curry is a kind of curry that is easy to make people eat more and more. What a mystery sauce! Recommend everyone!
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Yami 특선 # 双十一必囤 # # 一秒变好吃 # # 来亚米才知道的美食 # # Happy order Happy life! # # 为所爱 放肆嗨 # 最近好好使用 YAMI 亚米 才知道好方便! 以前很多日本的東西都要去日超還是當地買, 現在發現在 YAMI 亚米 就買得到,而且還划算! 這次剛好家裡很缺咖啦塊,去日超看價格好高啊! 亞米這款 S&B 金牌中辣咖哩塊特別便宜啊! S&B有很多種口味的咖哩塊跟調理包,是日本道地口味咖哩,我比較喜歡自己調味道,所以選了金牌咖哩塊中辣,一盒裡🈶️2小盒,一小盒還可以再分成4塊,要用多少隨便你,真的是很方便啊! 當然咖哩最常見的佐料就是紅蘿蔔搭配馬鈴薯,我還配了雞肉與洋蔥、彩椒、番茄,將以上蔬菜切丁後,熱鍋快炒一下,加入雞肉塊,加入水煮滾後,滾15分鐘左右就可以關火,將咖哩塊丟進鍋裡溶解,醬汁滾到稠稠即可起鍋。 方便又好吃,而且 S&B 中辣是屬於辣度慢慢疊加上去的微微辣,能把味道提升的更棒而不辣口,滋味順口不膩,咖哩就是個很容易讓人越吃越多的神祕醬汁呀!推薦大家!