Yami 특선
# 虎年开箱晒红包 # # 亚米虎年红包 # Late on weekends. Wake up and refresh yourself with a warm matcha drink. This is from Japan【Nito Black Tea·Uji Matcha Instant Powder.】 There are 10 sticks in a bag. I just heat the water directly. It also goes well with milk. Done in less than a minute. The taste is very delicate and fragrant. It's not very sweet. It's really just right for me. But this one contains sugar. The matcha color is really healing, isn't it? Because of this color, I feel that drinking it is very ritualistic. Ice cream can also be added in summer. The taste is very good. I also occasionally use this matcha powder for desserts/cakes. The effect is very good. If you are a matcha lover. Must try~
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Yami 특선 # 虎年开箱晒红包 # # 亚米虎年红包 # 周末起的晚. 起来先泡一杯暖和和的抹茶饮料清醒一下. 这是来自日本的【日东红茶·宇治抹茶速溶粉.】 一袋里有10条装. 我是直接加热水泡冲. 它跟牛奶也是可以搭配很好的哦. 不到一分钟就搞定. 口感很细腻.香浓. 它不是很甜.对我来说真的刚刚好. 但是这款有含糖份的噢. 抹茶色真的很治愈有没有! 因为这色系.我觉的喝起来都特别的有仪式感. 夏天的时候也可以加入冰淇淋. 味道非常赞的. 我偶尔也会用这款抹茶粉做甜点/蛋糕. 效果很不错. 如果你是抹茶控的话. 一定要试试~