Yami 특선
# 元气亚米红 # # Happy order Happy life! # # 0Placeholder_for_esaay_translation98ea0bc3feb8423f91cdb Enjoy the flowers, the moon, and the lanterns, and the moon is full of soup, and your dreams come true! 🏮I don't know if anyone is like me, the more they are in a foreign country, the more they pay attention to Chinese traditional festivals. For fear that when children grow up in 🇺🇸, they will forget their roots. Therefore, we eat glutinous rice balls in Mid-Autumn Festival, eat Laba porridge in Laba, post couplets on New Year's Day, make lanterns on Lantern Festival, and eat glutinous rice balls. Thank you Yami for bringing us so many traditional goodies.
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Yami 특선 # 元气亚米红 # # Happy order Happy life! # # 2022双节快乐 # 赏花赏月赏花灯,月圆汤圆愿梦圆!🏮不知道有没有人和我一样,越是身在异国他乡,越是重视中国的传统节日。生怕在孩子在🇺🇸长大,忘记了自己的根。所以,中秋吃汤圆,腊八喝腊八粥,过年贴对联,元宵做花灯,吃汤圆。感谢亚米,给我们带来了如此多的传统好物。