Yami 특선
# 2022双节快乐 # As a Liaoning native, eating authentic North Korean cold noodles is considered a daily routine! I have loved the hot, sour and sweet taste of cold noodles since I was a child. Every time I eat it, I eat it with no noodles and soup left over! So, after I first bought Kim Goryeo Daalangmyeon from Yami several years ago, I repurchase it from time to time, because the taste of Kimgoryeo Daalengmyeon is so right! This Kim Koryo cold noodles is large and delicious, with a net content of 360 grams. With cucumber, spicy cabbage, beef ham and eggs, one package can solve a meal for two people. The method is also simple and convenient, rub the noodles in cold water, boil the water for 3 minutes, remove the water and put it in a bowl, add the soup bag with 250ml of water, then add the chili oil bag, chili bag and sesame bag, a bowl of authentic Korean cold noodles are ready! Although it is a chili oil packet and a chili powder, the spiciness is actually slightly spicy. The sweetness and sourness of the soup is accompanied by a little spicy, which makes people especially appetizing~ This Jin Gaoli Da Cold Noodles is priced at $2.49 at Yami, which is affordable and delicious!
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Yami 특선 # 2022双节快乐 # 作为一个辽宁人,吃正宗的朝鲜冷面也算是日常啦!从小就爱冷面的酸辣带甜的味道,每次吃都是连面带汤一点不剩的吃干净!所以,在几年前第一次从亚米购入金高丽大冷面后,就时不时回购,因为金高丽大冷面的味道太正了! 这款金高丽大冷面量大味美,净含量360克,再配上黄瓜、辣白菜、牛肉火腿和鸡蛋,一包就能解决两人的一餐。做法也是简单便捷,把面在凉水中搓散,开水煮3分钟,捞出过水盛于碗中,加入汤汁包配250ml水,再加入辣油包、辣椒包和芝麻包,一碗正宗的朝鲜冷面就做好了! 尽管又是辣油包,又是辣椒末,其实辣度就是微辣程度。汤汁的酸甜配着微辣,让人特别有食欲~这款金高丽大冷面在亚米售价为$2.49,价格实惠,味道美!