Yami 특선
# 2022双节快乐 # Moment of gluttony|Dinner of gluttonous noodles 🍜Happy Calorie Moment ✨Happy snail noodles once a month, and arranged on time again✨ As the saying goes, there is no unhappiness that a hot pot can't solve. The snail powder also exists, and every time you eat it, you will feel great satisfaction Among the many brands of snail powder, only love snail and Li Ziqi The texture of Luobawang's rice noodles is very elastic, and the taste is hard and chewy. Li Ziqi's snail powder has a milder taste and is less likely to spread fragrance all over the house The first time to check in this Mushroom House cooperation style snail powder I have always punched the classic style before, this one is 1 knife more expensive than the classic style The packaging of Luobawang's classic style feels down-to-earth and has a red design. It feels very cordial and down-to-earth, and this hand-painted packaging feels more artistic Originally thought that the ingredients of the two are the same, only the design of the cooperative version was made When I opened it, I found that there are actually some differences in the ingredients. Crispy mushroom buns and protein bars are added to this topping All other ingredients and taste are exactly the same However, I feel that if it is not for the design and packaging, the classic style is actually fine. In winter, come to a bowl of warm snail noodles, drink soup and noodles are refreshing Add thick snail soup, crispy sour bamboo shoots, crispy yuba, black fungus radish Full of ingredients for instant use, no need to prepare other ingredients Add cold water to the pot and bring to a boil, then pour the cold water several times The taste of rice noodles will be more elastic and refreshing, more chewy
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Yami 특선 # 2022双节快乐 # 馋嘴一刻|大口嗦粉的晚餐🍜快乐卡路里时刻 ✨一月一度的螺蛳粉快乐,又给准时安排上了✨ 俗话说,没有什么不快乐是一顿火锅解决不了的 螺蛳粉也是这样存在,每一次吃都会感到大大的满足 而众多螺蛳粉的品牌中,独爱螺霸王和李子柒 螺霸王的米粉质地很Q弹,口感上偏硬有嚼劲 李子柒的螺蛳粉味道较为温和,不太会满屋飘香 第一次打卡这道蘑菇屋合作款的螺霸王螺蛳粉 之前一直都是打卡经典款的,这道比经典款贵1刀 螺霸王经典款的包装感觉是走接地气风,红红的设计 感觉就很亲切接地气,这款的手绘风包装感觉更文艺 原以为两款的配料都是一样的,只做了合作版的设计 打开才发现,其实配料方面还有略有区别的 这款配料中添加了爽脆菌菇包以及蛋白条 其他的配料和味道方面,都是完全一样的 不过感觉如果不是冲设计包装,经典款其实就可以了 冬天来碗热乎乎的螺蛳粉,喝汤嗦粉爽歪歪 加浓螺汤、鲜脆酸笋、酥脆腐竹、黑木耳萝卜 满满的配料,可速食使用,不需要准备其他配料 加冷水放入锅中煮沸,之后再过几遍冷水 米粉的口感会更加弹牙爽口,更具咀嚼性