The best face masks and good things I have recently stocked up, skin care in such a dry weather is really essential! Recently, I saw that the little sisters are all using Plan36.5's mask, and I have also been planted. As the saying goes, there are no ugly women, only lazy ones. Masks must be stocked up I have used Plan36.5's Ampoule Essence before, which is comfortable and not sticky. I saw the daily ampoule mask that I started this time with four models🤩 ▪️Daily Ampoule Stem Cell Firming Mask: Improve wrinkles, restore elasticity and healthy skin ▫️Propolis mask: moisturizing and strengthening skin barrier ▪️VC whitening mask: ammonia amide restores luster, brightens and whitens ▫️CICA Centella asiatica calming mask: Regulates skin water and oil, calms and soothes skin I have already used Centella asiatica Stem Cell Mask, and it feels very comfortable to use. The bag is also full of ampoule essence, and it is just right to apply it on the neck! The tiredness of the day and the oil on the face are a headache! The skin condition is also very good on the second day after use. The other two should also be very good. Never step on thunder Witch's Pouch Juice Cushion Blush #03 Cherry Red Originally thought it would be very red, but it is very natural and the makeup is super docile, don't look at the small one, but gently dip it in and pat it evenly, the makeup is absolutely amazing 😻😻 It is very complex and easy to carry, you can touch up makeup at any time! It seems that the design has also been carefully studied Novo Fine Sketch Liquid Eyebrow Pencil #3 Natural Brown I have to say that domestic products are doing really well now #Grid Union# There are a lot of domestic products in Yami, and the price is not expensive and close to the people! The student party can also rest assured to buy the hand series. The liquid eyebrow pencil I bought this time for drawing hair flu and natural wild eyebrows is simply too 🉑️, the brush is very thin and has a knife-shaped pen. Soft and natural, waterproof and sweat-proof, it is not easy to take off makeup! It's perfect for a browless star like me who often exercises! Yami has a lot of good things. I just wanted to stock up on some face masks, but I didn't expect that there were so many good things for everyday use. I couldn't stop buying them. # 晒出你的美丽心机 # # 我的囤货清单 # # 0Placeholder_for_esaay_translationa1f09600dbc55748b98814a
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最近囤到的最佳面膜和好物,这么干燥的天气 护肤真的是必不可少的!最近看小姐妹们都有在用Plan36.5的面膜 本人也是被种草了。俗话说没有丑女人只有懒女人 面膜必须囤起来 之前有用过Plan36.5 的安瓶精华,舒适不黏腻。看到出了日常安瓶面膜 这次入手的有四款🤩 ▪️每日安瓶干细胞紧致面膜:改善皱纹 恢复弹力健康的肌肤 ▫️蜂胶面膜:滋润保湿 强化肌肤屏障 ▪️VC美白面膜:氨水酰胺 恢复光泽 提亮美白 ▫️CICA积雪草镇定面膜:调节皮肤水油 镇静舒缓肌肤 已经用了积雪草 干细胞面膜 使用感很舒服 袋子里面也是满满的安瓶精华 涂抹在脖子上刚刚好!一天的疲惫和脸上的出油让人头疼!用完第二天皮肤状态也很不错👍 其他两款应该也会很棒 绝对不踩雷 Witch’s Pouch果汁气垫腮红#03 樱桃红 原本以为会很红 其实很自然 而且上妆超服帖,别看小小一个 但是轻轻蘸取 然后均匀拍开即可,妆感绝了😻😻很显气色 而且方便携带 可以随时补妆!看来设计也是经过认真研究的 Novo 细致素描液体眉笔 #3自然棕 不得不说现在国货做的确实厉害 #格子联盟# 在亚米有很多国货彩妆,价格也不贵 亲民!学生党也能放心剁手系列。这回买的液体眉笔 画毛流感、自然野生眉 简直太🉑️了,毛刷非常细 是刀型笔头。柔和自然 防水防汗 不易脱妆!太适合 我这种经常运动的无眉星人了! 亚米好物真的超多,本来只是想囤些面膜 没想到还有这么多日常好物 简直剁手停不下来。 # 晒出你的美丽心机 # # 我的囤货清单 # # 美妆护肤种草 #