Do I still need to plant grass for Nanchang mixed powder? ? Is there any reason for anyone who hasn't eaten mixed noodles? ? Anyone who hasn't eaten Nanchang Mixed Noodles will cry, okay? If I eat from a box of 1.99 to a box of 3.29, will I still question whether it is delicious? It is often out of stock, the child is very heartbroken I have also eaten other brands of Nanchang Mixed Noodles It’s not as delicious as Yangji’s. The quality of the powder is very good. Look for this brand. #亚米经验值+1#
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南昌拌粉还需要我种草吗?? 谁还没吃过拌粉还有天理吗?? 任何人没有吃过南昌拌粉我都会哭的好吗 我从一盒1.99吃到一盒3.29还会质疑它好不好吃吗 就是经常断货 孩子很心碎 我还吃过其他品牌的南昌拌粉 都不如阳际的好吃 粉的品质很优秀 认准这个品牌 # 亚米经验值+1 #