After Yangkang, I put the maintenance of the lungs first. After comparison, I chose the pure pear ointment of 方家铺子. Inherited from five generations, boiled fresh pears, real ingredients, safe to eat. The main functions of pure pear paste are: clearing lung heat, moistening dryness and relieving cough, which can be used for dry cough. The taste is smooth, the color is bright, and there are no additives. Prepare pure pear paste at home, the elderly and children can drink it, it is very good to drink a spoonful with warm water every day, keep it fresh in the refrigerator, and take it as you drink, it is really convenient~ 4b41bae345a4872 ## 为所爱 放肆嗨 ##亚米经验值+1#
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阳康后,对于肺的保养我都是放在第一位,对比后,选了方家铺子的纯梨膏。五代传承,鲜梨熬制,真材实料,放心食用。纯梨膏的主要功能是: 清肺热润燥止咳,可用于干咳。口感润滑,色泽透亮,而且没有任何添加剂。家中备上纯梨膏,老人小孩都可以喝,日常取一勺兑温水喝很不错,放冰箱保鲜存放,随喝随取,真的好方便~# 方家铺子 ## 摸着良心来种草啦 # # 为所爱 放肆嗨 # # 亚米经验值+1 #