After the milk cod gelatin is made, I can’t wait to show you a picture as soon as possible, and then I made up two bowls. It tastes exactly the same as the one I ate in the confinement center. The cod gelatin is QQ bouncy, sweet and not greasy, and a little fishy. There is no taste, this should be one of my favorite tonics, because it is really delicious # 方家铺子 #鸡鱼粉After stewing, the collagen is super rich. The current tonics are either additives or the kind of fish maw that is unpalatable or too expensive to afford, which just meets the needs of my civilian health. # 晒出你的美丽心机 # # 送礼 #
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牛奶鳕鱼胶做出来了第一时间迫不及待给你们上个图然后自己狠很的补上俩碗,跟在月子中心吃过的味道一模一样,鳕鱼胶QQ弹弹,清甜不腻,一点鱼腥味也没有呢,这应该是我最喜欢的滋补品之一没有其二了因为真的太好吃了# 方家铺子 #鳕鱼胶炖完胶原蛋白超级浓郁。现在的滋补品不是添加剂就是可难吃了或者成本太高吃不起的那种花胶正好应了我这平民养生的需求。# 晒出你的美丽心机 # # 送礼 #