I got it❗️The popular 养生茶 is here! 🥰 Does the family know⁉️养生茶 has different ingredients There is also a summer dopamine color exclusive to it❗️‼ ️ 🤫The hot summer is coming, hurry up and bid farewell to the milk tea in your hand🚫 😘Place holder_for_esaay_translation27beb41c9d384de284fae9d22704f3f5 with rich ingredients and clean ingredients ❗️ Not only beauty and beauty, low calorie and fat reduction, but also clearing heat and detoxification, clearing liver and refreshing‼ ️ ❌Friends who have studied Chinese medicine say that generally there are only one or two kinds of medicinal herbs in the market that have little effect on health ✅养生茶 needs to be matched, at least four or more medicinal materials must be combined to have a better effect, suitable for long-term drinking and good for health I am a lazy person. After being planted by a friend, I drank Fudonghai’s 养生茶 for a month. Not only did I not have acne, but my skin became more delicate 🤭 🤗Whether it’s a home mom or an office worker, it’s very suitable for 养生茶 package, everyone hurry up for me‼ Fu Donghai these four 养生茶‼ ️ 🔴Red qi-red rose longan wolfberry tea 🟢Green liver nourishment - green chrysanthemum cassia seed tea 🟡Huang Jiang Huo - yellow dandelion honeysuckle tea ⚫️Black tonifying kidney - black ginseng five-treasure tea Red main ingredients: rose, wolfberry, red dates Other Ingredients Ingredients: Longan, Ginseng Efficacy: Nourishing qi and blood, beautifying and nourishing the skin, enhancing immunity This tea is light red when brewed, with a faint rose fragrance. The red medicinal materials are mainly used to nourish qi and blood, because the ingredients in it include roses, wolfberries, red dates, etc. The faint rose fragrance is fragrant, especially suitable for staying up late and wanting to be rosy. Sisters who have complexion, beauty and beauty, drinking it often can also enhance their physique! Green main ingredients: chrysanthemum, honeysuckle, cassia Other Ingredients Ingredients: Goji Berry, Burdock Root, Osmanthus, Licorice Efficacy: clearing the liver and improving eyesight, moistening the intestines and laxative I was pleasantly surprised when I drank this tea for the first time. It is a cup of tea that you can drink from morning to night. After brewing it six times, it still tastes like tea. The Cantonese-style herbal tea tasted so delicious. My sisters who often play mobile phones and sit in the office for too long to watch the computer cause dry eyes, drink it quickly. It can protect the liver and improve eyesight. I hope your eyes have light~ Yellow main ingredients: dandelion, honeysuckle, chrysanthemum Other Ingredients Ingredients: Wolfberry, Red Dates, Licorice Efficacy: clearing heat and detoxifying, reducing swelling and clearing stool This tea is clear and translucent light yellow, commonly known as Four Seasons Herbal Tea. It is cool and fragrant after brewing. Every time I stay up late and work overtime after eating hot pot and barbecue, I will definitely brew a cup to avoid getting angry and acne the next day. To reduce internal anger, those who often stay up late, work overtime, and easily get angry must not miss it! Amway! ! Black main ingredients: mulberry, sealwort Other Ingredients Ingredients: Goji Berry, Red Dates, Ginseng, Maca Efficacy: nourishing kidney and yang, nourishing qi and blood, relieving fatigue, enhancing immunity When spring turns to summer, after a long time of busy work and family, descendants tend to feel tired. Have a cup of Wubao tea to recharge and refresh yourself and relieve fatigue. It is very comfortable. The anthocyanin rich in tea bags and mulberries It is a must for anti-aging and anti-oxidation, but please note that some people with body heat and yang deficiency are not suitable for drinking~ # 0Placeholder_FOR_ESAAY_TRANSLEON65B25BA07B8D4503A75432461753B3A # 0placeholder_FOR_ESAAY_TRANSLENC447BE98D8E632AA3 74e44 # # 0placeholder_FOR_ESAay_Translation5B3418F889C34103BDA869A1A98F0B11 # 0placeholder_For_esaay_Translation27BEB41C9D384DE284FA E9D22704F3F5 # # 0Placeholder_FOR_ESAAY_TRANSLATION2508303168D41949ABC3357B9A7F1ac #
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挖到了挖到了❗️火爆全网的养生茶来咯!🥰 家人们知道吗⁉️养生茶的成分不同 也有专属于它的夏日多巴胺色彩哦❗️‼️ 🤫炎炎夏日要到了,赶紧告别手上的奶茶🚫 😘快把这几款配料丰富、成分干净的养生茶安排上 ❗️ 不仅美容养颜、低卡减脂,还能清热解毒、清肝提神‼️ ❌学过中医的朋友说,一般市面上只有一两种药材的养生花茶几乎没有什么功效 ✅养生茶是需要经过搭配的,至少要有四种或四种以上的药材搭配才有更好的效果,适合长期饮用和还有益身体健康 我一个懒人,在被朋友种草后连续喝了一个月福东海的养生茶后,不仅不长痘痘了,皮肤也肉眼可见变细腻了🤭 🤗不管是居家宝妈还是办公室打工人,都太适合养生茶包了,大家都赶紧给我入‼福东海这四款养生茶‼️ 🔴红补气——红色的玫瑰桂圆枸杞茶 🟢绿养肝——绿色的菊花决明子茶 🟡黄降火——黄色的蒲公英金银花茶 ⚫️黑补肾——黑色的人参五宝茶 红色主要成分:玫瑰、枸杞、红枣 其他成分配料:桂圆、人参 功效:滋补气血、美容养颜、增强免疫力 这款茶泡出来是淡红色的,有淡淡的玫瑰香,红色的药材主打养气补血,因为里面成分配料有玫瑰、枸杞、红枣等,淡淡的玫瑰花香入口清香,特别适合熬夜长痘想要红润气色,美容养颜的姐妹们,常喝还能增强体质! 绿色主要成分:菊花、金银花、决明子 其他成分配料:枸杞、牛蒡根、桂花、甘草 功效:清肝明目、润肠通便 这款茶我第一次喝的时候就被惊喜到了,它是一杯可以让你从早喝到晚的茶,冲泡了六次居然还有茶味, 入口是淡淡的花香蜜香,这款对比苦苦难入口的广式凉茶味道也太可了,经常玩手机,坐办公室看太久电脑,导致眼睛干涩的姐妹们快喝它,护肝明目,希望你的眼睛里有光~ 黄色主要成分:蒲公英、金银花、杭白菊 其他成分配料:枸杞、红枣、甘草 功效:清热解毒、消肿清便 这款泡出来是清澈透亮的淡黄色,俗称四季清凉茶,一冲一泡,清凉清香,我每次在熬夜加班完吃完火锅烧烤后一定会泡一杯,避免第二天上火长痘,降降体内火气,经常熬夜、加班、容易上火的一定不要错过!按头安利!! 黑色主要成分:桑葚、黄精 其他成分配料:枸杞、红枣、人参、玛卡 功效:补肾助阳、补气血、缓解疲劳、增强免疫力 春季转夏季时,在长时间忙碌工作和家庭后人容易感到疲劳,来一杯补肾养气的五宝茶给自己充充电提提神,缓解疲劳,再舒服不过啦,茶包桑葚里富含的花青素抗衰抗氧化一绝,但注意有些体热阳虚体质的不适合喝哦~ # 亚米宝藏新品大赏 # # 如7而至 # # 上亚米瓜分10w+ # # 养生茶 # # 中医养生 #