【Beijing Tongrentang·Old Beijing Foot Stickers】 🌸【Super Practical! The Old Beijing Foot Patch will take you back to the health of your feet and say goodbye to fatigue! 】🌸 Babies! Huazi, I recently discovered a magical foot care artifact that must not be missed - the old Beijing foot patch! It can solve the problem of foot fatigue for you, and it can also dispel cold, detoxify, remove dampness, and help sleep! 👣 Awesome principle: Using traditional Chinese medicine theory, combined with herbs and meridian points, stimulate the plantar points by warming and massaging. It not only promotes smooth blood circulation, but also relieves sore feet and improves sleep quality! 🌿 Ingredients: Old Beijing Foot Patch is entirely made of natural plant materials such as wormwood, bamboo vinegar, bamboo charcoal, and bellflower, without any added chemical ingredients. Even sensitive skin can be used with confidence. 💁Ultra-easy to use: Just stick the foot patch on the clean soles of your feet, massage gently for a few minutes and enjoy a comfortable feeling. It's soft, sticky, and leaves absolutely no discomfort or sticky residue. ✨My personal experience: I put on the old Beijing foot patch every night, and relax while enjoying a warm massage. I can tear it off when I get up the next morning, and I have been posting it for half a month. Huazi, I feel refreshed now! Households who used to have difficulty getting up early to go to work, now feel less tired and troubled, and feel refreshed when they wake up. ✨Boys, go and try it! See you in the comments section for your experience! #年货好物种草指南 ##亚米宝藏新品大赏 ##0Placeholder_for_esaay_translationc3675 7c2a2c54adcbf69115278b953cb ## 上亚米瓜分10w+ ## 0Placeholder_for_esaay_translation61e99056165b4e84826ccd5fc81b9 424#
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【北京同仁堂·老北京足贴】 🌸【超级实用!老北京足贴带你重拾脚部健康,告别疲劳困扰!】🌸 宝子们!华子我最近发现了一款绝对不能错过的神奇脚部护理神器——老北京足贴!它可以为你解决脚部疲劳问题,还可以驱寒、排毒、祛湿、助眠! 👣 超赞原理:采用传统中医学理论,结合草本植物和经络穴位,通过温热和按摩刺激足底穴位。不仅促进血液循环畅通,还能缓解脚部酸痛、改善睡眠质量! 🌿 成分:老北京足贴完全采用艾草、竹酢、竹炭、桔梗等天然植物材料制成,绝无添加化学成分。即使是敏感肌肤也可以放心使用呢。 💁 使用超简单:只需将足贴粘在干净的脚底,轻轻按摩几分钟即可享受舒适感受。它柔软、粘性好,绝对不会有任何不适或残留黏胶。 ✨ 我亲身体验:我每晚都贴上老北京足贴,享受温热按摩的同时放松身心。第二天早上起来就可以撕掉,连续贴了半个月,华子我现在感觉焕发全新精力!以前每天早起上班困难户,现在疲劳困扰都觉得减少了,起床都觉得有精神了。 ✨ 宝子们快去试试!体验感受评论区见! # 年货好物种草指南 # # 亚米宝藏新品大赏 # # 亚米爆笑晒单 # # 上亚米瓜分10w+ # # 中医养生 #