Ultrasonic glasses cleaning machine, love it~ The operation is very simple and the effect is great! And daily maintenance is also very convenient and not cumbersome at all. Just put the glasses that need to be cleaned into the cleaning box, add filtered water (do not exceed the maximum water level), and then close the lid. Wait three minutes, and the glasses will be blingbling. Because the glasses tested for the first time were originally very clean, in order to verify its cleaning ability, I found anti-blue light glasses (black frames) that had been idle for a long time. Picture 2 shows that it has not been cleaned for a long time, and there is a thick layer of dust on it. After simple cleaning and wiping, your skin is really clean~ In addition to glasses, you can also clean jewelry ~ a must-have artifact at home🥰 # 全球购 #
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超声波眼镜清洁机,爱了爱了~ 操作很简单,效果超级棒!而且平时的维护也很方便,一点都不繁琐。 只要把需要清洁的眼镜放入清洁盒中,加入过滤水(不要超过最高水位),然后盖上盖子就可以啦~等待三分钟,眼镜就blingbling了~ 因为第一次测试的眼镜本来就很干净,为了验证它的清洁能力,找出了闲置很久的防蓝光眼镜(黑色镜框)。图二可以看出是真的很久没清洁了,上面厚厚一层灰。简单清洁擦干净后是真的hin干净~ 除了眼镜还可以清洁首饰哦~居家必备神器🥰 # 全球购 #