Yami 특선
Coffee is really the First thing first for me!! 😂😂😂 Luckin has become popular recently due to various collaborations. This time, Luckin tried Luckin’s brown sugar-flavored Yuanqi Dan Lengcui freeze-dried coffee powder. Compared to the American version, the brown sugar flavor has a little more sweetness, which blends well with the coffee aroma and has a richer taste~ The most important thing is that the small jar is so convenient ~ perfect for going out! And it dissolves super well, no matter it’s milk or water, it doesn’t matter whether the temperature is ice or hot~ The small jars are also very cute. I really want to collect more for decoration~ Hahaha😆 # 全球购 #
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Yami 특선 咖啡对我来讲真的是First thing first!! 😂😂😂 瑞幸最近因为各种联名,火出圈~这次尝试了瑞幸家黑糖味的元气弹冷翠冻干咖啡粉。 比起美式,黑糖风味多了一丢丢的甜味,和咖啡香融合的很好,口感也更丰富一些~ 最主要的是小小一罐实在太方便了~特别适合外出!而且溶解的超级好,不管是牛奶还是水,也不挑温度是冰还是热~ 小罐子也很可爱,好想收集更多作装饰~哈哈哈😆 # 全球购 #