"Japanese AXXZIA Xiaozi 3D Ice American Eye Mask Review" I am 30 weeks pregnant and received a gift from Junjun. I am very grateful❤️! Taking care of a baby + working + looking for a confinement nanny, this week has been really busy, so naturally it’s impossible not to check my phone. The dark circles, bags under the eyes, and eye wrinkles all disappeared within a week😭 Fortunately, I received the Japanese AXXZIA Xiaozi 3D Ice American Eye Mask in time, so I managed to survive until this weekend. Product: Japan AXXZIA Xiaozi 3D Ice American Eye Mask Price: Currently on sale for $36.99 (original price $59) Capacity: 60 pieces per box (30 pairs) effect: - The main functions of eye mask are lifting, firming and moisturizing. - Since the eye mask essence uses Lancôme’s exclusive protein sugar complex ingredients, it can quickly provide sufficient nutrition and moisture to the skin around the eyes. - It also promotes collagen production to make eye skin appear firmer and restore elasticity. Featured ingredients: 1. Cornflower – Reduces dark circles 2. VC PRO+VE (tocopherol) - fights off dullness and effectively brightens 3. Eyebright extract - soothes the eye area, improves eye microcirculation, and conditions skin after staying up late 4. MEIVIEW - Anti-aging 5. Acetyl hexapeptide-1 + small molecule collagen - enhance skin elasticity protein and restore skin elasticity Instructions: I usually take a shower at night, and after completing the basic skin care routine, I use a clip to hold a piece under my eyes, and gently massage it with my fingers to help the skin absorb the excess essence. Just leave it on for 10-15 minutes. Effect: - I only applied it for 10 minutes on the first night, and the effect was not obvious (the eye mask was still wet) - I applied it for 15 minutes on the second night. It absorbed more than the first night and the eye mask was almost dry. - I was too tired on the third night, so I applied it directly to sleep. The next morning, the skin around the eyes was obviously tightened, the bags under the eyes were reduced, and the dark circles were slightly faded (but the lightening of the dark circles was still not obvious enough) other: - After opening the lid, I found that there was so much essence that the whole box of eye masks was soaked. - Due to too much essence, the eye mask often sticks together in two pieces, so be careful when clipping it. - Store in a cool place. It will be cool when used. It feels like it can promote blood circulation under the eyes. # 值得买的黑科技 # # 我的囤货清单 # # 0Placeholder_for_esaay_translation527a8990798d40b392 e2492f2d34e4e3 # # 摸着良心来种草啦 # # 晒出你的美丽心机 #
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《日本AXXZIA晓姿3D冰美式眼膜测评》 孕30周收到君君寄来的礼物,十分感激❤️!带娃+工作+找月嫂,这周真的忙到不要不要的,自然是不可能不看手机的。黑眼圈,眼袋,眼纹一个礼拜全出来了😭还好及时收到日本AXXZIA晓姿3D冰美式眼膜,才勉强熬到这个周末。 产品:日本AXXZIA晓姿3D冰美式眼膜 价格:目前特价$36.99(原价$59) 容量:一盒有60片(30对) 功效: - 眼膜主要以提拉、紧致、滋润为主要功效。 - 由于眼膜精华部分采用的是兰蔻独家的蛋白糖复合物成分,因此能够迅速为眼周肌肤提供充分的营养和水分。 - 亦达到促进胶原蛋白生成而让眼部肌肤显得更加紧致,恢复弹力。 精选成分: 1. 矢车菊 - 减少黑眼圈 2. VC PRO+VE (生育酚) - 击退暗沉,高效提亮 3. 小米草精华 - 舒缓眼周,提升眼部微循环,调理熬夜肌肤 4. MEIVIEW - 抗初老 5. 乙酰基六肽-1 + 小分子胶原蛋白 - 增强肌肤弹性蛋白质,让肌肤恢复弹力 使用方法: 我一般都是晚上洗完澡,基本护肤程序做好后,用夹子夹一片,贴在眼下方,用手指轻轻按摩,帮助肌肤把多余的精华液吸收。敷10-15分钟便好。 使用效果: - 第一晚只敷了10分钟,效果不太明显(眼膜还是湿湿的) - 第二晚敷了15分钟,比第一晚吸收的要多,眼膜几乎干透 - 第三晚太累了,直接敷着睡,第二天早上明显眼周肌肤紧致,眼袋部分减轻,也稍微淡化了一点点黑眼圈(但淡化黑眼圈部分还是不够明显) 其他: - 打开盖子后,发现精华真的好多,整盒眼膜都湿透了。 - 因为过多的精华,眼膜很多时候都是2片粘在一起,夹子夹的时候也要注意。 - 存放在阴凉地方,用的时候冰冰凉凉的,感觉可以促进眼底的血液循环 # 值得买的黑科技 # # 我的囤货清单 # # 亚米虎年红包 # # 摸着良心来种草啦 # # 晒出你的美丽心机 #