Half of the potato chips and biscuits I mainly bought this time are the repurchase of Yami. The price is really good. The HAITAI butter cookies are much cheaper than those bought in the supermarket. The same is true of the bayberry I bought before. Now I rarely buy snacks in the supermarket and When Yami has no food expiration or product quality problems, I am very relieved and satisfied.
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这次主要买的薯片和饼干 一半是回购 亚米价格真的是给力 单就HAITAI黄油曲奇就比超市买的要便宜很多 之前买的杨梅也是一样 现在已经很少在超市买零食了 而且在亚米也没有出现过食品过期或者产品质量问题的时候 总之是很放心很满意