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Friends, what about Guilin Rice Noodles?

The pasta on Yami, the snail noodles are the first in my heart, so this must be the second! !

It's probably less than half a year after the new product was launched. The first time I bought it vaguely, I couldn't extricate myself later!

Because the uploaded pictures are messy, you......emmmjust take a look ?

桂林米粉There are two ways to eat, one is boiled and the other is dry. The picture below is what I just cooked and eaten today, and it tastes very good! There are two tutorials on how to eat on the back of the packaging, you can refer to

This is a dry mix, I haven't added any ingredients yet. There is still a lot to see

This is the material inside.

Two soup buns, one for dry mix, and two for cooking.

A lot of capers and deliciousness

Let's not talk about scallion oil buns and chili buns

Peanuts and golden beans are delicious. Peanuts are not as good as the saying in Luobawang, but golden beans are delicious! !

But the chili bag is not the kind of powder nor chili oil, it has the feeling of a little millet pepper, the feeling of being chopped. See the image below

( )Write whatever you want, thank you for your support! [I'm afraid you won't believe it when I say it. In fact, I wanted to write half a year ago, but the goose just procrastinated and didn't write, procrastination+Lazy There is no cure for cancer]

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( )随便写写,感谢大家支持!【说出来怕你们不信,其实半年前我就想写然鹅就是拖着不写,拖延症+懒癌没救了】