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Facial mask for winter!

First of all, my coordinates are in the upper northMichiganSo the winter here is super super cold! This winter, my skin has been very dry and the wind has been blown and blown. I have been wearing a mask for my skin care. I have used various masks and concluded that these three masks are in winterace!

The first one is my favorite will continue to repurchase Big Benming Mask I have tried a lot of hydrating masks than this one and I have also tried it I had dry skin a while ago I have been applying it for four days, of course Do other skin care and find that the skin is not so dry and not peeling. Apply once before going to bed to calm and soothe the skin ! Hydrating effect 5 Star!

The second mask that I don’t use very often Sometimes I need a refreshing mask I will use a rose scent that smells good The moisturizing is not so strong, but I have used too much moisturizing mask in winter to apply this sheet will feel very cool! Hydration effect 2.5stars

The third mask! It smells super good! After applying it, it is completely baby skinbut not for my peeling < /span> will feel very moist! Hydration effect 4stars!  

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Yami 특선


首先我坐标在上北的Michigan所以这里的冬天都超级超级冷!我这个冬天皮肤一直很干被风吹还被吹伤 护肤做的足足一直在敷面膜 我用了各种各的面膜总结出来这三款面膜是在冬天中的ace

第一款是我最爱 会继续回购的 大本命面膜我尝试了很多补水面膜比这款贵的也试过 我前阵子脸起皮干燥 一直坚持敷四天当然还做其他的护肤发现皮肤已经没那么干而去也没在起皮 睡觉前敷一次能让皮肤镇静舒缓! 补水效果 5星!

第二款我不会经常敷 有时候需要清爽点的面膜会用玫瑰味的很好闻 补水不是那么强但是冬天用了太多补水滋润的面膜敷一下这片会觉得很爽!补水效果 2.5

第三款面膜!味道超级好闻!敷完完全是baby skin但是针对不了我的起皮 会觉得很润!补水效果 4星!