Yami 특선
The first time I bought something on Yamibuy, I didn't arrive in almost two weeks (Massachusetts). Later, I contacted Yami and said that some of the items were out of stock, and the USPS logistics showed that the package was damaged, Barabara. So I got the impression that Yamibuy is very slow... The second time I bought it was the Zojirushi yakiniku hot pot dual-purpose pot. Very fast! ! At that time, I just thought that the expensive things were shipped faster... The broken package before was all vinegar and chili sauce...   Bought some chili sauce for the third time. This should be the fourth time I've bought it, soon! It arrived in Massachusetts two days after placing the order! The speed is whizzing. Mainly to take advantage of the New Year's 30 discount to place an order. The first is Zhenjiang balsamic vinegar. Ah, ah, ah, I am absolutely can't leave vinegar, vinegar makes everything more beautiful. The second is 亚米红包, full of energy. The third one is Yumei Sichuan Maocai. I ate a convenient bowl last night. It was delicious! ! ! ! It can be said to be delicious, but the chili is really spicy. Really add a little bit, it's really too spicy! ! ! In the end, the spicy food made me feel bad. The fourth instant noodles have not been eaten yet. The fifth vermicelli was also not eaten. The sixth sesame sauce is reserved for the noodles to eat in the hot pot. I didn't buy the peanut sesame mix mainly because my boyfriend is allergic to peanuts and can't eat peanuts. The seventh is Duliu old vinegar. I heard it was delicious, so I bought it and tried it. Vinegar is never too much, always stock up, this time buy two bottles of old balsamic vinegar. The eighth is the Liupo hot pot base. They all say that it is delicious, so I bought it and tried it. The ninth Yangchun noodles have not been eaten yet.
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Yami 특선 第一次在亚米网买东西,差不多两个周都没到(麻州)。后来联系亚米,说是其中有的东西缺货,usps物流显示包裹破损,巴拉巴拉。于是种下了亚米网很慢的印象…… 第二次买是买了象印的烤肉火锅两用锅。特别快!!那时候只是觉得原来买贵的东西才运的快……之前那个破包裹都是醋和辣椒酱………… 第三次买了些辣椒酱。 这应该是第四次买了,很快!下单两天后就到麻州了!速度嗖嗖的。主要是趁着大年三十的折扣下了一单。 第一个是镇江香醋。啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊,我绝对不能离开醋,醋让所有事物都变得更加美好。 第二个是亚米红包,元气满满。 第三个是与美四川冒菜,昨晚吃了个方便碗装,好吃!!!!可以说很好吃了,就是辣椒真的辣哭。真的一点点加,真的太辣了!!!最后辣的我整个人都不好了。 第四个泡面还没吃。 第五个挂面也没吃。 第六个芝麻酱留着拌面吃火锅吃。没买花生芝麻混合主要是因为我男朋友花生过敏,不能吃花生。 第七个是独流老醋,听说好吃,买来尝尝。醋永远不嫌多,永远囤货,这次香醋老醋各买两瓶。 第八个是六婆火锅底料,都说好吃,买来尝尝。 第九个阳春面还没吃。